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Finally 2012 started!! I hope you will all have a wonderfull time! I hope this year will be a better h!p year than last one!!

New year and maeda yuuka's graduation

Hello everyone,
I want to wish you all a happy new year! I have 4 minutes left in 2011.

Just saw some pictures of yuuka's grad. I feel kinda sad about it. Yuuka, please ganbatte! You will be a great student!! Love you

Pyoko Pyoko Ultra Pv preview

Finally we got a preview of the pv for Pyoko Pyoko Ultra. I really like it. It's cute and I like the scenes. We have a very cute dance scene, with a very hyper dance. In the dance shot we see (mostly) the Juukies playing. There is also a walking kinda shot. The morning musume's are hollograms and are walking past the real momusu's. They are in a kinda wooden thingie. I like the part were we see the Juukies in those wooden thingies and Risa above. It's very adorable. I like the last part of the preview were we see Aika standing for a television kinda thing. Cute pv. Can't wait for the other part!!

Eripon- Ikuta Erina

How something akward can grow into something beautiful.
This is Erina when she first joined. She looked kinda akward and unsure. Allthough I love the pictures on stage. She smiles really natural there. You could kinda see the potential.

Not long after her debut things started to turn around. She started smiling lovely and she cut her hair. She became more confident and so adorable<3
This is Eripon now. The most cute and adorable girl ever. She is so pretty<3<3

Kamei Eri's Birthday

Today is my sweet Eririn's Birthday. I really miss her and wish she came back.
I wish her the best birthday ever!!

Pyoko Pyoko Poll & Pyoko pyoko ultra covers

On Hello-online I'm hearing a lot of diffrent things about the new momusu single.
I really like it, the song is great and catchy, the covers are really fun and cute(they make me think of ryuusei boy) and I like the outfits. But there are a lot of people who are not liking it at all.
It's not momusu like, tsunku's voice is creepy etc. etc.
So I'll start a poll to find out how many people like or dislike it :)

Here are the covers of morning musume's new single: Pyoko Pyoko Ultra! (or Pyoco Pyoco Ultra!). We see 3 limited editions and the regular. Limited A has all the member holding the title of the single. They look really cute and I like the use of brown and yellow. Limited B is very funny. We see clocks and all the girls coming out of one. They are made smaller and I don't really like it that we can't really see the last few girls. Limited C is really cute and makes me things of Ryuusei Boy (which I mentioned earlier. Their bodies are kinda creepy but I rea…

Pyoko Pyoko Ultra cover

I couldn't help it and I covered Pyoko Pyoko Ultra.
Damn that song is such a catchy thing.
I totally love all the lines, and I like hearing Eripon and Masakitty!!
The song wasn't hard to learn and I was dancing all the time!!
Here is my cover of the wonderfull song! I hope I did well.

Pyoko pyoko ultra preview!

Gotta love pyoko! Its sooo cute!
I hear a lot of great lines, can't wait for the whole song. I like that it's really upbeat and the new voices we get to hear!! We want more!

Things i bought

I went to a awsome shop this week and i bought so many things! These are two of my favorite items:
My new shoes and my japanese like backpack

New H!p and Momusu Picssss

Hey everyone :)
Just found some pictures again I want to show you :D
Here they are:
This first one is a Yellow Morning Musume. We see the "older girls" on the bottom, than the Juukies (save between the already known girls) and than we see the kyuukies. The outfits look like eggs or chicks, something like that. Erina an Mizuki look kinda the same. Kanon looks happy and Riho looks nice two. Ayumi and Kudu look super cute, Masaki and Harunan less happy. Risa and Reina don't look that happy either, sayumin looks like she is trying really hard to smile and Aika is just having her weird lookXD I don't know what to think of this picture. It's really yellow and I hope it's not for the new single :P

This picture is from everyone who is currently in Hello Project. The are dressed like chearleaders. In the front we have Morning Musume (Haruka, Masaki, Kanon, Riho, Risa, Sayumi, Aika, Mizuki, Erina, Ayumi & Haruna). They are in red. Than we have Berryz koubou and C-ut…

Dream morning musume- shining butterfly

I just saw the(amazing) preview of shining butterfly!
It has a story line, dance shot and a special guest: takahasi ai!!
Here are some screenshots

Who is this?

Who is this :D?

The Morning Musume Mystery Photo Book

I bought a photo book on Ebay which I can't find anything about.
It's a Morning Musume event Photo book: Save Our Earth 2007.
This is it. But I don't know anything about it and I can't vind anything about it... So weird.
It's from the 9-nin Morning Musume and it's from 2007...

Hello!Project Christmas

This year I'm celebrating Christmas the H!P way!!
A christmas Card/wallpaper! Sayumin, Gaki and Reinan :)

2 banners with the kyuukies and juukies. Aren't they Kawaii?

Please miniskirt postwoman preview

I just saw this preview of Please miniskirt postwoman.
I think it's kinda cheap looking with only one background.
We got the dance shot, the close-ups and the all on screen version.
I think the colours are beautiful. And Kanon looked amazing.
let's wait until the full version comes out!

Ai Believe & Yossy to Rika

Just found this pictures:

The first one is a picture of the Morning Musume Ai believe concert. I don't know if it's for the photobook or for the dvd, but I love it :) Everyone looks lovely and I love it how Aika and the Juukies are on it two. I think Ai in the middle is just perfect.
The second picture is a funny one. Yossy and Rika, the 4th generation members. I really like how pretty they are and how funny they look in the first one. Yossy is so cool <3

Kaccho Ii Uta

Today I'm listening to all the versions of Kaccho Ii Uta, which translates to Really Good Song.
I have to say: it's true. It is a really good song! It's catchy and very nice.
Here is my thought on all the versions :)

Morning Musume

AWSOME! My absolute favorite version! I liked the fact that everyone had lines. The Bridge part by Gaki and Reina was really good. Erina and Kanon improved lots and Riho sounded super good!


I like this version but the song is beter with strong vocals. Maimi failed a little bit if you ask me.. Chisato and Airi did far to great. I enjoyed the fact that the lines were pretty fair distributed. I almost cried at the bridge! They did both so awsome. Chisato started and Airi finished the bridge so beautiful!

Mano Erina

It sounded so empty... So alone. She did pretty good alone... but I wasn't that suprised it felt empty and boring. The parts were you could hear several Manoeri's were the best. The bridge could have been beter.

Berryz Koubou

I wa…

Mini Skirt S/mileage and See You-Karin

I ADORE THESE PICTURES>.< look how cool and cute they all look :) I made a banner of the official picture. So this is not what it looks like in they real picutre. But they are Kawaiiiiiii.

Other news on S/mileage: Yuuka is releasing her second Photobook next month. It will be called: "See You-Karin" which is probably a pun on her nickname Yuukarin and See You. A nice oppertunity for her fans.

New Banners :)

I made some new banners :)
One with Sweet Ayumin :) She is really Cute and I think she will dance and sing very good :)
S/mileage... My S/mileage. Long hair, sweet, pure and adorable. Where are those times? Sakitty, Yuukarin, Dawa, Cinderella... They were so awsome... I miss the old times..
Some of my Momusu Favo's. They were to cute>.< Sayumin is pretty as ever. She totally looks amazing. Eripon looks good 2. She isn't shy anymore, nooo she is the new sayumi! mark my words. Kanon<3 getting more pretty every day. Cute and fun! Harukachiiiii!! She is so cute!! Just 12 and so ADORABLEEEEEE.
Hope you like them :) I will also put them on my Banner page :)

So much announced!!

Tonight I'm with my best friend. I never thought i'd miss so much in these few hours.
S/mileage announced their ninth single chotto matte kudasai! Which is weird because they didn't release the 8th single yet.
Morning musume finally got a title which is pyoko pyoko ultra! I love the happiness!!
Also c-ute's 7th album was announced!

12nin Morning Musume Colorcodes

Here are the colorcodes of the MoBeKiMaSu event of Maji desu ka Suka and Love Machine :)
Love Machine RisaSayumiReinaHarunaMizukiErinaAyumiRihoKanon Masaki Haruka
[Haruna/Ayumi/Masaki/Haruka] Uh- Ahhhhh YAA
DISCO! [Sayumi/Reina/Mizuki] anta nya  mottainai (fu--fu--)[Sayumi/Reina/Mizuki] atasha hontou[Sayumi/Reina] NICE BODY BODY BODY[Sayumi/Reina/Mizuki] jibun de  iu kurai[Sayumi/Reina/Mizuki] TADA ja nai! ja nai? (ja nai) Ah-Ha- [Risa/Riho] atsukerya  samaseba ii
(FUU FUU)[Risa/Riho] samishikerya[Risa/Riho] EVERY BODY BODY BODY[Risa/Sayumi] dare ni mo  wakaranai
(fu-fu-)[Risa/Sayumi] renai tte[Risa/Sayumi] itsu hi ga tsuku no ka
koi wa DYNAMITE donna ni fukeiki datte

S/mileage- please miniskirt postwoman outfits

Ayaka just posted a picture of the outfits from please miniskirt postwoman! Here they are!

S/mileage 8th major single

I'll just be honest. I fell in love with this song. It's very diffrent but still very s/mileage, which makes it perfect. I like it that everyone get's to sing. And I totally love the MeiMei/Dawa lines. I still get the feeling that Rina and Akari are far to eggisch. Not idols yet. Meimei is just perfect. She knows how to keep the crowd intrested in her. Kanana is adorable and that makes up for her dance fails. I still don't love this s/mileage as much as I loved the 4-nin s/mileage. But they are making a great comeback in my live. I can't even think of this as the same s/mileage I think... And when Yuuka leaves.. They probably have a hard time.

Othe thing about S/mileage: I totally forgot my Sakitty's birthday! How could I? I'm a horrible fan, saki-chan... You can start hating me now. But eventhough I forgot it: I still hope you has a wonderfull day. I hope all your dreams are coming true and that one day we will hear from you again! Sakitty you are amazing …

Hello Project Summer 2011 ~Yeah Yeah~ All for one and One for all Colorcoding

All for one and one for all
Morning MusumeBerryz KoubouC-ute Mano ErinaS/mileageMoBeKiMaSu
[Ai/Risa] awatezu ni
[Ai/Risa] saki wo isogou
[Ai/Risa] kirihiraku no sa
[Sayumi/Reina] dare ka ga suru no wo
[Sayumi/Reina] matazu ni [Sayumi/Reina] EVERYBODY GO! (GO!)
[Sayumi/Reina] mada  maniauze
[Mizuki/Erina/Kanon] saa  norikome
sekai wa  "ONE for ALL!" ima kara sa (GO!)
mirai wo tsukamou
furuki ni manabi
kenkyuu shita bun
koujou suru kara EVERYBODY GO! (GO!)
mada  maniauze
saa  norikome[BeKiMaSu] sekai wa  "ALL FOR ONE[BeKiMaSu] & ONE FOR ALL!" yume wo idake
dare ni mo iu na kuchi ni sureba
kanawanu rashii
sore ga yume nanda mokuhyou kakage