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Oha Suta- Ikuta Erina

Due to Ogawa Saki's sudden Graduation this weekend, Ikuta Erina will replace her on Oha Suta.
I really hate to see Saki go, but this is a great oppertunity to get to know Eripon better.

I have to say that I'm liking Erina more and more.
She was my favorite in the auditions, but I was a bit disappointed by her first photo set.
Lately she has been drying up infront of the camera and now she is just a beauty.

She is really becoming a great idol. I really loved her solo on the last Hello project tour (it was ganbarre nakutemo enende right?). Yep Eripon is really becoming one of my favorite Momusu. She and Kanon are my current favorite momusu's.
I really hope Eripon will do her best on Oha Suta and become an even beter preformer.

Ogawa Saki's Graduation

Today we got the news that Ogawa Saki will be Graduating S/mileage and Hello!Project this weekend. As some of you might know: Sakitty is my favorite S/mileage member. She has good reasons to leave the group, but it still makes me really sad that she is going. Saki has this amazing voice that I will miss in every upcoming single. I already assumed a big change after the announcement of the new members. But this is just unexpected. So here is my message to Saki although she probably won't ever read it:
Dear Ogawa-san, I'm really sad to see you leave s/mileage. You are an amazing person, with the most beautiful voice. I love the way you smile and I will miss you a lot. I hope this is the choose you made yourself. And I wish you all the luck in the world by becoming a normal high school student. Please keep supporting S/mileage and Hello!Project. I will miss you, But I will stay your Fan! Bye Bye Kate

I'll miss you forever...

Happy Birthday Suzuki Kanon

Happy B-day Zukki-chan <3

I love Kanon-chan! SHe is so Kawaii! So Happy birthday to her and I hope she will stay in Morning musume for quite some time!

Happy Birthday Kumai-chan!

Today is the Birthday of Kumai Yurina.
So I wanted to wish her a great day:

Dear Kumai-chan,
Congratulations with your 18th Birthday!
I hope you have a wonderfull day.
With a lot of presents and cake!