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10 Years of H!P kids

Happy Anniversary to all the H!P Kids.
Today 10 years ago they joined Hello Project <3 These 15 cute kids were choosen to become idols. From these kids the groups Berryz Koubou and C-ute were formed.

First Berryz Koubou was formed out of:
Shimizu Saki (Captain)
Tsugunaga Momoko
Tokunaga Chinami
Sudo Maasa
Ishimura Maiha (graduated)
Natsuyaki Miyabi
Kumai Yurina
Sugaya Risako

From this group only Maiha Graduated

C-ute was formed later. Umeda Erika (Graduated) Yajima Maimi (Leader) Murakami Megumi (Left) Nakajima Saki
Suzuki Airi
Arihana Kana (not a H!P kid but and egg+ Left)
Okai Chisato
Hagiwara Mai

From this group Megumi, Kana and Erika graduated or left.

H!P kids now have 12 members left and two joined singles.
1. Amazuppai Haru ni Sakurasaku
2. Chou Happy Song (This were to seperate songs on their albums, but they could be joined to one song)

Happy Anniversary H!P Kids <3

Shiawase no Tochuu - Berryz Koubou colorcode

Saki MomokoChinamiMaasaMiyabi YurinaRisako

Yume wo mitan da yo Watashi okotteta Motechau kimi ni Yakimochi yaiteta
Tama ni fuan da yo Dakara KISU wo shite Amaeteru no wa [Sa/Ma]Wakatte iru kedo
Juubun na hodo shiawase na no yo Sasai na koto datte waratteru Tayori ni shiteru sonkei shiteru Na no ni tama ni komarasechauAh
Utau wo utatta yo Kimi mo suki na uta

Morning musume's 13th album announced

Morning musume will be releasing a new album on the 13th of september!! It's called colorful character!
It's very exiting news! It will be the first album for the juukies and with sayu as leader!
I'm hoping for a lot of new songs!

Countdown till release of 50th mv



Right now I'm waiting once again for something.
It's the Morning Musume MV for One Two Three!!
It will be released in less than an hour!!
I'm really exited, the video is already uploaded on youtube, but private.
I do have some previews to show you!

The first one probably is the close-up shot. We see the close-ups of Masaki and Haruna.
The shot is taken from front but also from the side, so we see the girls dubble. The effects are in their own colors which looks amazing.
The second shot is the dance-shot. We see the decor we already know, but now it's sparkly and I like it a lot. Can't wait for the moment that we can see it!!
Here below I will post the video or the link to it

Greetings ~Ishida Ayumi~

Greetings~Ishida Ayumi~ Order before: 18-06-2012 Price:2,980 Yen Order: Link

My little Eripon is getting big

How much Little Eripon has grown since she joined Morning Musume. It's almost her second birthday with Morning Musume <3

Nono and aibon in the record book!

I was reading the guinness world record book with my boyfriend and then we found nono and aibon! It made me happy. It's in dutch. Translation: Biggest hulahoop On the first of Janurari 2004 Nozomi Tsuji and Ai Kago (Japan) made a HulaHoop go round each of them for 30 seconds. The Hulahoop was 4,08 m big. It was is the studio of Nippon Television network, Tokio, Japan

One・Two・Three/ The Matenrou Show Covers released

Today the covers of One・Two・Three/ The Matenrou Show were released! Here they are with my thoughts of them.
Limited a
I adore this cover, It looks fun, cute and colorful. I like how all the girls are posing exept for Mizuki. I wanted her to look happy and spontanious like the other girls. But she doesnt. She does look good. But o well. I love how Masaki is looking and Ayumi looks very cute too. I like this cover and I keep watching how everyone is smiling.
 Limited B
The 6th gen edition. It's a really cool cover. Sayumi looks sexy and Reina well, she is just Reina. I like the clothes they are wearing, but the cover isn't having the I don't know thing... Maybe it's the lighting.

 Limited C
I Like this one, but it's to serious for me. Riho is just standing there. Just STANDING. Kudo and Erina look amazing <3 I really like the text on this one and the flowers behind the girls
Limited D The Qki's version. It's so cute<3 Light pink and they are drinking te…

ayumi with a dress


Mystery egg?

Who is this girl?

Kamei Eri!

Pictures of KAMEI<3333333
She went to the Stacy's musical with Sayumi <3
Here are all the pictures I can find <3
Eri has longer and black hair.

Morning Musume's 50th single tracklist

Today I found out about the tracklist of the new morning musume single. Below you will find the tracklisting. All the generations get their own song. which I'm really exited about!

The 9th gen and 10th gen got new names: Q-ki and Ten-ki. I must buy 2 versions of this release, because I like Ayumi and Erina almost equal. Haha that's going to cost me a lot of money.

Tsunku also commented on the b-sides and said that the Q-ki song is very cool and mature (the title means something like But I wanted to be loved and the ten-ki song is about youth (all-girls school girls get in a place with a lot of boys, still it's about youth rather than love)

Regular Edition
One・Two・ThreeThe Matenrou ShowOne・Two・Three (Instrumental)The Matenrou Show (Instrumental)Limited Edition A & B One・Two・ThreeThe Matenrou ShowWatashi no Jidai! (Performed by “Morning Musume Rokkies” – Tanaka and Michishige)One・Two・Three (Instrumental)The Matenrou Show (Instrumental)Limited Edition C & D

Mano Erina- Song for the Date MV released

Title: Song for the Date Artist: Mano Erina Release: June 27 Single number 12

Today the Mv was released of Mano Erina's Song for the Date. In the clip we see two Mano's (a black and a white one) who aren't liking eachother. The white mano has captured the black one and than runs off, putting poster of her all around a building. Black Mano pulles herself free and starts to pull of those posters. When white mano shows up, black mano chases her. That kinda what happens. I don't really understand what it stands for, maybe something about a hunting past? I think the mv is really beautiful and I love the feathers. I find the white mano a bit creepy, she keeps smiling and suddenly does this thing with her hand and looks mad/sad and the color leaves the screen, it gives me shivers. The buildings they are running through gives the clip a really cool look. The singing part at sea gives it another dimension. In the end we see the white dress of white mano hanging on the same web …

Morning Musume on the Radio

Right now me and a lot of fans are listening to keyhole. We are waiting for the other a-side of the 50th Morning Musume single. It's a pity keyhole isn't that stable, cause we are missing a lot of things. But for some reason it wasn't played.
The picture here is probably one of the covers, we see the girls with blue poles. They are in their One.Two.Three outfits.
In the left box we have Harunan, Mizuki and Zuki, in the center box we have Ayumi, Sayumi, Reina and Riho and on the right we have Erina, Haruka and Masaki.

Young girls who want to play in a band with Tanaka Reina

Tsunku found himself a new project! It's Young girls who want to play in a band with Tanaka Reina! He is searching 2 girls for this new band. They will become part of Hello!Project and can be between 15 and 22 years old. One girl will be main vocals togheter with Reina and the other one will be the guitarist. Reina will be staying in Morning Musume (for now) and this will be a new project for her.
I'm really exited about a larger H!P and more members are always welcome. And a band sounds so freaking awsome (we never had that in H!P right?) Let's hope some great girls join and maybe we even see old H!P members back in the auditions (hoping for LinLin or Eri <3) Another exiting thing is that the new members will be around my age! (I wish I could participate.. But well) But for the girls who can grap this chance do it! The auditions starts 17th of june and will be held the 4 weeks after. Tsunku is showing that he is a busy man, but can handle another group. I'm hoping…

Happy B-day Kanana!

How much she has grown!

My New gets!

Today I got three parcels with stuff! They are not all H!P, but I'm glad to have them anyways.
The first parcel was a book about Disneyland Paris. I wanted it really bad and now it came :D
It's a beautiful book from 1992, that before I was born :O
The second parcel was a schoolbook. I needed it really bad, so YEAH for coming!
The third parcel contained 3 pin-up photo's of Nakanishi Kana!
I'm really happy with it cause I'm trying to get more s/mileage stuff!