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Nakanishi Kana and Takeuchi Akari on Twitter

Today during the Smile Sensation release event (and I believe the third anniversary of S/mileage) It was announced that Kana and Akari would be having Twitter accounts. It's for a promo campaign for their new single Atarashii Watashi ni Nare!/Yattaruchan. This is what their accounts look like:

You can see the profile pictures for probably Yatteruchan! Here are the links to their twitter accounts: Nakanishi Kana Takeuchi Akari
Kana made her first tweet:

Tanaka Reina's Graduation day

In Japan it's already the 21st of May. Which means it's the last day with Tanaka Reina as a member of Morning Musume.
Reina has been a member of Morning Musume for as long as I am fan. She never was one of my favorites, although I really love her voice. When she announced she was graduating, I wasn't suprised.
She has her own band now and she had been in Morning Musume for so long.
Still every time a member goes, it makes me very sad. I can imagen Masaki being really upset, because she loves Reina very much.
Reina, I hope your live as a band member will make you happy and I hope to hear lots of you!
Omedetto on your graduation!

Ishida Ayumi will get her first Photobook this July

Ayumi just announced on her blog, that she will be getting her first photobook in July.
As a big fan of Ayumi, I'm very pleased to see she is getting a photobook.
And July is very soon! 
I always thought Ayumi would be one of the first to get a photobook. She was amazing in all the photoshots she has done until now. 
Below is the preview she shared on her blog.
I think it's great more girls are getting their own photobooks.Ayumi is very pretty and a lot of fans will really enjoy this photobook.