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Juice=Juice- Hajimete no Keiken Chuu MV

The MV for Juice=Juice's Hajimete no Keiken Chuu was released on today's Hello Station!  And what a great suprise it was. The song is really cute and feel good. Everyone has a fair share of lines and the MV is really great. Let's talk about this. In the MV we have 3 outfits: Top left we have a wintery oufits, right we have a soft pink outfit and below we have stylish autumn outfits. They look great in all of them, but the pink outfits are just to adorable. There are a lot of diffrent settings in this song. We have the couch group shot (which you see above), a solo shot for each girl in the autumn outfits, diffrents shots in a bedroom (bed and desk) and one on a coach.  Overall I really like the winter feeling this MV gives and you can really see the girls enjoying this song. And now... Below the jump are the screenshots <3

Juice=Juice new profile pictures and MV to be released!

A lot has happend/ is happening for Juice=Juice today. First of all: The new profile pictures for their new single are released!! I will be reviewing them in this post, but first the other news! It was announced on twitter that the MV of Hajimete no Keiken-Chuu will be released on today's Hello Station!! The new episode will be uploaded in under 3,5 hours. I really can't wait! We had a preview of Ijiwaru shinaide dakishimete yo, but Hajimete no Keiken- Chuu will be a totally new song for us. Please look forward to the MV!
Now the outfits. Above I already showed you the group picture. Sayuki, Karin and Akari in front. Yuka and Tomoko in the back. No suprises there. The clothes are very chic and have a red/black theme. Here are the individual shots. Miyazaki Yuka Leader is wearing red pants with a high waist and it's pretty poofy. She has a black top with a red necklace. She is also wearing something that looks like a blazer trown on her back, but I can't tell for sure. …

Kumai Yurina cut her hair

Kumaicho~ cut her hair! 
 She cut it into a cute bob hairstyle. It's almost the same lenght as Kana from S/mileage cut it. Kumai looks adorable and beautiful with her hair like this! I think this fits her really well, although I really love her long hair. This hairstyle looks really good on her and I think everyone will enjoy it!

S/mileage- Ee ka!? outfits

S/mileage revealed the outfits for one of the a-sides of ther 15th single: Ee ka!? The outfits are again pink and black and are they cute. I see a lot of cute pink skirts and a lot of bellies.  I really love how Kana looks, her hair fits this outfit perfect. Meimei looks the most pink, while Aya wears the most black.  I really like the idea of these outfits and pink will fit s/mileage good. I can't wait for song previews!

Juice=Juice- Ijiwaru Shinaide Dakishimete yo/Hajimete no Keiken Chuu

More news about Juice=Juice's second single. Neowing has it listed as a double a-side called Ijiwaru Shinaide Dakishimete yo/Hajimete no Keiken Chuu.  It has been confirmed that it will be released the 4th of december, so the release date has been pushed back a little bit. There will still be 6 versions with 2 regular and 4 limited editions.  This is again other news than we had before, but I'm really happy that Juice=Juice will be getting a double a-side! We already had a preview of Ijiwaru Shinaide Dakishimete yo from the radio and we also have outfit previews. We don't know how Hajimete no Keiken Chuu will be nor if there will be diffrent outfits and what they look like.

Umeda Erika is starting a solo career!

Umeda Erika (Graduated C-ute Member) announced on her blog, 4 years after she left C-ute, that she will be starting a solo career! She got her own site and will be holding her first solo live in December.  It's called: Umeda Erika first solo live ~Starting Over~ and will be held the 22th of December at Hatsudai Doors.  Above we see her new site and her new profile picture.  I really can't believe Ume-chan is coming back into Music! I got into C-ute after she left, but I always loved her in all the songs she was in. She is really pretty and had such a good voice. I can't wait to hear what she is going to sing at her first solo live~! I'm really happy she is starting a solo career and I wish her all the best. I do hope she will be succesful and I can't wait for a debut single/album. I'll keep you all update! Umeda Erika's site 

[11/6] C-ute- Tokai no Hitorigurashi/ Ai tte Motto Zanshin covers released

So now that we already took a look at the new outfits for C-ute today, but there is more! We also got some great covers to look at and talk about!  Here we go! Limited A So limited A is very simple. The girls are standing in the bottem. Their group name is very big and there are all these shapes on the cover. The cover makes me think of the MV a lot. I like how simpel it is. But Mai looks very out of place. 
Limited B OMG CHISA! omg omg omg. How beautiful can she get and fierce. This cover has a black corner and the group's name in red. The girls have military clothes and look so pretty. Nakky's hair like this and Airi. Great just omg <3 
Limited C I like this cover. It's simple with the white. Airi does have a weird look on her face. But Saki and Chisa. Just looks at Chisa's tummy and well mm breasts. It looks perfect. Mai looks out of place and her outfit doesn't fit nicely.
Limited D I like how simple this cover is again. The black is a bit much, but I like the …

C-ute's new outfits for Tokai no Hitorigurashi

So today we not only got the MV for C-ute's Tokai no Hitorigurashi, but also their outfits! And how beautiful they are. Let's have a look at the clothes! Maimi is wearing a yellow skirt with a high waist and a black/white chess like top. She has black shoes. I really like how classy she looks. I think this is like '60 style and it fits her great. Eventhough her normal color is red, yellow looks very good on her.

Nakky is waring a blue skirt with a grey/white striped top and a Grey waist/shoulder thing which I don't know the name of. Her hair is in a side ponytail and she is wearing black heals. I really REALLY love this outfit. Just like Maimi she looks very classy and her beautiful legs and waist just look amazing in this. 
Airi is wearing a red and grey skirt and a white blouse. In her hair she has a green bandana/hairband. Her shows are black and like dutch shoes but high. I don't really like this outfit to much. Airi looks beautiful in everything, but this ski…

[12/18] S/mileage- 「ii yatsu」 / ee ka!?

S/mileage announced their 15th single some time ago, but until today there was no title.  But today! There was a title announcement and what a title it is.  "「ii yatsu」 / ee ka!?" is the title of S/mileage new single. Which means it will be a double A-side! It sound like a pretty fun single and the titles are so short. Loving it! The single will release the 18th of december!

Nakanishi Kana got a Shortcut

A true S/mileage member. Nakanishi Kana or Gorilla-chan got herself a short cut! Just like their 4th single short cut.  (just posting the MV for fun and good old times). Anyways, Kana already cut her hair "short" a year ago. But this time she really made it short. Here are some pictures of her new hairstyle

I thought this girl couldn't get any cuter. And man was I wrong. She looks beautiful and so cute.

Juice=Juice second single news

Juice=Juice is currently on a mini tour with Berryz Koubou and it was reported that they did a new song, which might be their new single. Weird thing is: the title is diffrent from the titles we got earlier.  The song is called Ijiwaru shinaide Dakishimete yo and someone on twitter said it will be their new single which will be released on the 26th of november and the b-side would be hajimete o keiken-chu. The last one was once reported to be on a dubble a-side.  This is really weird news, because Watashi wa Rose Quartz/Hajimete o Keiken-chu were reported to be a dubble a-side single on a official Juice=Juice flyer.  In just 2 days (on the 14th of October) Juice=Juice will have an event for their second single. The title for that single was announced "undecided". So what's going on? I guess we will know what the single will be called this monday and we might get a preview. But for now we have three titles and no official announcements.

Akb48's Heart Ereki Covers released

Akb48 will be releasing their new single on the 30th of October. The song is called Heart Ereki and Kojima Haruna is choosen to be Center. I heared the song some time ago, but I can't really tell how the recorded version will be. Anyway today I found out that the covers for the single are released! Just like the tracklists, but because I still know very little of AKB, I don't wanna say to much about that. 
Theater Edition This will be the theater edition for the single. We see Takamina (Takahasi Minami) and NyanNyan (Kojima Haruna) center up front. NyanNyan is the only one with a hat and a red skirt. In the top row we see: Matsui Yurina, Watanabe Mayu, Sashihara Rino and Shimazaki Haruka. In the front row we see Kashiwagi Yuki, Takamina, NyanNyan and Oshima Yuko I like this cover. It's very simple, but they girls look very pretty in their outfits and I love the gitars. Good choose!
Type 4  I really love this cover. We see 10 girls. The top row is hoping/praying for somethin…

Paruru's Soredemo Suki dayo

Since I got in to AKB48 I have been paying attention to a small group of girls. One of them I Shimazaki Haruka. I really love how cute she is and Eien pressure <3 
Anyways I was searching for a full version of Soredemo Suki Dayo (Sashihara Rino's solo) and I found a preformance of Paruru doing that song. It's so cute <3

Petit Best 14 Blu-ray Tracklist released

At the end of every year, H!P always releases an album with tracks that have been released through out the year. This year is no exeption and it will be released the 11th of December.  The Tracklist for the Blu-ray (which means MV's): 1. Help me!!!- Morning Musume 2. Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke- Morning Musume 3. Asian Celebration- Berryz Koubou 4. Golden Chinatown- Berryz Koubou 5. Crazy Kanzen na Otona- C-ute 6. Adam to Eve no Dilemma- C-ute 7. NEXT MY SELF- Mano Erina 8. Tabidachi Haru ga Kita- S/mileage 9. Yatteruchan- S/mileage 10. Romance no Tochuu- Juice=Juice 11. Rock no Teigi- Tanaka Reina 12. Cabbage Hakusho ~Haru Hen~- Peaberry 13. Tokainaka no Kare- GREEN FIELDS 14. Hotaru Matsuri no Hi- Jurina 15. Lady Mermaid- Dia Lady 16. Eiyasa! Brother- Mellowquad 17.Kaigan Seisou Danshi- HI-FIN
A great list of Mv's if I may say so. And I'm so exited to see Tokainaka no Kare Mv!!

[11/27]Juice=Juice's second single announced!

Great news! Juice=Juice announced their second single!! It will be a dubble a-side with the title: Watashi wa Rose Quartz/Hajimete no Keiken Chuu The single will have 6 versions, with two regular editions and four limited editions.  The single will release the 27th of November.
I can honestly say this is what I have been waiting for! Another single for Juice=Juice and it will be released so fast! A dubble a-side is another big plus and the titels sound so interesting. Watashi wa Rose Quartz sounds like a really cool song an maybe some what slower? In any case I kinda hope Yuka will have a big role in this, because her color is pink and stuff. I guess the title means something like: I'm Rose Quartz. Hajimete no Keiken Chuu sounds like a cover of Mano Erina's Hajimete no Keiken, which is a great song. I do hope it will be a new song, but you never know with Tsunku. The title means something like: Having my first experience?  I really can't wait for anything on this single. …