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Results Morning Musume's 13th gen auditions revealed

It was announced on the Morning Musume 13th generation auditions site that the auditions ended without any winners. This means the auditions will be opened again, but when was not announced. 
So again no winners for an audition. Let's wait for them to open up the auditions again and see what they bring us. 

Suzuki Kanon graduated Morning Musume

Morning Musume's 9th generation member Suzuki Kanon graduated from Morning Musume and Hello!Project today at Nippon Budokan.  She sang Never Forget as her Solo Graduation song. Congratulations on your graduation Suzuki-san! May all your dreams come true.

ANGERME update profile picture

ANGERME changed their profile picture. Yesterday 2nd gen member Tamura Meimi graduated ANGERME and Hello!Project. She is now only a member of UPFRONT Promotions. 

Tamura Meimi graduated ANGERME

ANGERME's 2nd generation member Tamura Meimi graduated today. She had her graduation in Nippon Budokan and sang Jitensha Jiriri as Graduation Solo.
Congratulations Tamura Meimi on your Graduation. Thank you for everything and may all your dreams come true!

Hamaura Ayano will release first Photobook!

Kobushi Factory's Hamaura Ayano will be releasing her first solo Photobook! The photobook will release on the 4th of June (which is this weekend!) The photobook will be called Hamaura Ayano, a title she gave it herself. The cover was also released: Congratulations to Ayano!

Okai Chisato to go on a Haitus

C-ute's Okai Chisato announced she will be going on a Haitus. She is suffering from Vocal Cords Nodules and has to undergo surgery. Chisato has had some trouble with her voice for a while now and decided to contact a doctor.
Chisato will start her Haitus after her birthday event on the 22nd of June and C-ute will preform as a 4 member group until she fully recovers.

Kobushi Factory announce third single!

Kobushi Factory announced their third single! The group will release this single on the 27th of July and it's will be a triple a-side again! Two song titels are: Bacchikoi Seishun! and Samba! Kobushi Janeiro The third song will be for a song for Idol Matsuri, to promote the event. 
Congrats to Kobushi for another single! Let's hope for more great songs!

Ishida Ayumi to release third photobook!

Morning Musume '16's 10th generation member Ishida Ayumi will release her third photobook! It is called: It's my Turn Her new photobook will be released on the 27th of June and is shot in Guam and Miyagi. Ayumi shot her first photobook in Guam too and Miyagi is her hometown. Congratulations to Ayumi!

Kosuga Fuyuka joined a new agency!

It has been 2 years since Kosuga Fuyuka left H!P, but now she finally signed with a new agency! She is part of Japan Music Entertainment.  There is not a lot of information about her and any possible future activities, but it is always nice to see a kenshuusei pop up again.
For all that do not know: Fuyuka was a 2nd generation member of S/mileage but had to leave within a few months because of severe anemia. She later came back as a kenshuusei, but was never promoted. 
I am really happy to see Fuu-chan again! She is such a cutie and when I spoke to her on twitter she was a real sweet heart!

H!P Kenshuusei recitals winners!

Like every year H!P Kenshuusei hold their recitals! In this show all the kenshuusei preform a solo and the audience chooses who did the best, while a jury also gives out prices! This year we had quite a suprise in winners: Public vote winners: Kasahara Momona (24th gen) and Kiyono Momohime (25th gen) both won with 228 votes.
Judge's awards: Singing award Takase Kurumi (23th gen) Also runner-up for the public award!
Dance Award Akiyama Mao (24th gen)
Special award Inoue Hikaru (19th gen)
Congratulations to these 5 girls for winning!

Juice=Juice will go to Budokan!

Juice=Juice had a suprise announcement during today's Hello!Station. They will have their first concert in Nippon Budokan this year! On the 7th of November Juice=Juice will stand on their long awaited stage! Congratulations to these hardworking girls <3