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Kobushi Factory released the covers for their 3rd single!

Kobushi Factory also released the covers for their third single Samba! Kobushi Janeiro / Bacchikoi Seishun! / Ora wa Ninkimono. The single will be released in 6 versions: three regular and three limited editions. Let's have a look a the covers of this new single! Limited A Limited A is for Samba! Kobushi Janerio and woh! what a cover. I love the brazilian feel the cover has. The outfits are amazing and I love the whole feeling the cover has. It look original and gosh do the girls look fantastic. My eys are drawn to Rena and Rio who look suber fab and look at Rena Queen. Amazing cover love it!
Limited B This is actually a really cute cover. The Limited cover for Bacchikoi Seishun! features the girls on a sport field in the baseball like outfits. I love how playfull and simple the cover is. I am a sucker for covers with an actual setting. Nice and simple cover.
Limited C Limited C is for Ora wa Nikimono, which is a Crayon Shin-chan song. I love shin-chan, let's start with that. An…

Kobushi Factory updated their profile pictures!

Kobushi Factory announced their 3rd single a while ago and now they updated their profile pictures! The outfits are for Bacchikoi Seishun! In the group picture we already see that they are wearing baseball-outfit like dresses with member colored detailes. Every girl is wearing a cap. The outfits are pretty much the same, so we are not going to talk much about them, but here are the girls' solo shots:  Fuiji Rio (sub-leader) & Hirose Ayaka (Leader)
 Nomura Minami & Ogawa Rena
Hamaura Ayano & Taguchi Natsumi
Wada Sakurako & Inoue Rei

LinLin got married and has a child!

Morning Musume's 8th generation member Linlin had some pretty big news today! She announced she got married in 2014 and had a child in 2015! Linlin met her husband in August of 2014 and married him in november.  In September of 2015 she gave birth to a "cute child" as she called the baby.
A very late congratulations to Linlin! I am really happy for her!  What do you guys think of her "late" announcement?

Kobushi Factory announce third song for upcoming single!

Kobushi Factory announced their third single a while back. One song was yet to be announced and that song was announced today! The song is Ora wa Ninkimono, which is a crayon shin-chan theme. The single will be released on the 27th of July!

Morning Musume '16 announce titel for Fall tour

Morning Musume '16 announce the titel for their fall tour! Morning Musume '16 Concert Tour Aki ~MY VISION~ The tour currently has 15 concerts announced, but will probably get more. Let's look forwards to another amazing concert tour!

Morning Musume's 13th gen auditions opened again!

Morning Musume opened their 13th generation auditions again! The last time there were no winners, so the auditions would be opened again. The audition has the same name as the last one: Morning Musume '15 Shinseki Audition. Girls from 11 to 17 can apply. The auditions close on the 7th of august.

Sugaya Risako returns!

Sugaya Risako officially returned! She updated her blog and changed the header and profile picture. She also opened a Instagram, so go and follow her! It has been a year and 3 months since Risako gave an update herself.
On her blog she says she was quite nervouse to start posting again and didn't really know what to talk about. She changed the titel of her blog to Leberment, because of her love for french. Yet it doesn't really mean anything in French. 
Welcome back Rii-chan! You were missed! Instagram: Blog:

Uemura Akari will release her second photobook!

Juice=Juice's Uemura Akari will be releasing her second photobook called AKARI II! The photobook will be released on the 25th of July. It was shot in Guam and will contain more then 100 pages.

Niigaki Risa to be married!

Niigaki Risa announced she will get married! The lucky man is Kotani Yoshikazu, who she met in 2013. They were togheter in the play Zettai Kareshi.  Congratulations to the couple!

Hello!Pro Kenshuusei preformed a new song!

Hello!Pro Kenshuusei had their first preformance of Hello! Project Kenshuusei Happyoukai 2016 6gatsu ~EXCITING!~
During this concert they preformed a new song: Hello! Massara no Jibun There is not much information about this song, other then the titel.

Morning Musume '16 changed their profile picture

Morning Musume '16 changed their profile picture. After the graduation of 9th gen member Suzuki Kanon, Morning Musume will go on as a 11 member group (until the next graduation or addition).