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Michishige Sayumi announced her first activities!

Eversince Sayumi announced her return in November, we have been waiting for the day she reveals more information about this and today is finally that day. Sayumi announced her first activities in the form of fanclub events. She will be holding 17 events at COTTON CLUB in Tokyo. The events will be between the 19th of march until the 2nd of april. The events won't be like anything we have seen from her before, not a concert, not a musical, but something new. The events are called:
~SAYUMINGLANDOLL~ Sansei The events will first have pre-sales for the fanclub members, but will also have general sales.
Welcome back Michishige Sayumi, our Mikaeri Bijin.

Morning Musume '17 announce their 63th single!

Morning Musume '17 announced their 63th single! This will be the first single to feature the 13th generation members Kaga Kaede and Yokoyama Reina.
The single will be released on the 8th of March and is called: Brand New Morning/ Jealousy Jealousy Sadly this single will not feature 10th gen member Sato Masaki, because she is currently on Haitus due to her back injury. The single will be released in 5 versions, two regular, two limited and one special edition.
It's really nice to finally see a new single for Morning Musume and it's the debut of our 13th gen! I am really sad and shocked Masaki won't be in this single though.

Morning Musume's 13th generation opened their blog!

Morning Musume's 13th generation opened up their own blog! Kaede and Reina now have a joint blog to post about their daily activities! Give them a follow <3

Tamura Meimi to star in a play!

Tamura Meimi (graduated ANGERME member) announced she will star in a play!
The play will be in may and is called Minako- Taiyou ni natta Utahime-  Meimi will play the leadrole of Honda Minako. Honda Minako was a populur 80s idol, but sadly died in 2005 as the result of leukemia. Meimi had previously posted about Minako and being a big fan of her.  Congratulations to Meimi! 

Country Girls released the covers for their 5th single!

Country Girls will be releasing their 5th single "Good boy bad girl/peanut butter jelly love" on the 8th of febuary and today they released the covers for the single! This single will be the last single to feature Playing Manager Tsugunaga Momoko. Here are the covers: Limited A The first cover is for Good Boy Bad Girl and features the girls in a motor shop, with actual motors. What a dark and cool cover. I quite like the darkness as it is so opposite of what we are used to. And gosh does Risa look like a beautiful <3 
Limited B For Limted B we have the exact opposite. It's a white cover with the girls in light colored dresses and colorful title. Isn't this a nice cover? It's cute, it's fluffy and it's soooo country girls. I love Momoko's hair so much and I like that their names are on there. 
Limited C Limited C again has the girls in those black outfits but before a pink and black background. It's actually a quite nice cover that focusses on the…

Morito Chisaki will release her first photobook!

Country Girls' Morito Chisaki will release her first photobook! It will be released on the 19th of febuary and it will be simply called "Morito Chisaki".  The release date is her birthday and the photobook is described as Morito-chan changing from a 16 year old to a 17 year old. It will have pictures from a whole year and every season.  Chisaki in a school uniform, with cherry blossom, in bathingsuit, white dress and even in yukata and winter outfits!
Congrats to Chii-chan! It's great news for her!

C-ute askes fans to join their last MV!

C-ute is asking fans to apply and be a part of their last MV! Any fanclub member over 18 (and with their own car) can apply with one friend. It has also been announced that the MV will be shot at Tsukuba Studio (Ishioka City, Ibaraki prefecture) on the 26th of january.
The announcement also said that they are going to make rain during the shooting, so the fans that are invited should bring towels. They do get t-shirts from the company. 
It's really exciting news that C-ute will be sharing their last MV (or one of their last) with their fans! I can not wait to see what kind of song they will produce and what the rain will do! 

Morning Musume '17 x Markome announced!

Morning Musume '17 announced their collaboration with Markome! They will be doing a project called: Morning Miso Soup! Markome will release four kinds of Miso Soup with the members representing different kinds of flavours! Morning Musume '17 will also release a new version of Morning Coffee for this collab called Morning Misoshiru and they wear outfits similiar to the outfits first gen Morning Musume wore for Morning Coffee.  The flavours are: Mizuki (Tofu), Haruna (Tamago), Masaki (Okra), Ogata (Kelp) Erina(Spinach), Ayumi (onion), Maria (fu), Akane(aburage)  Haruka (Pumpkin), Sakura (Wakame), Miki (Eggplant) Kaede (Enoki), Reina (Meat slices)
The product will be on sale around the end of march. 
Congratulations to Morning Musume '17! Let's hope that some amazing things might come from this! Website:

Morning Musume '17 announced information on their upcoming tour!

Morning Musume '17 announced their spring tour a while back, but now announced more information about it! The tour will (for now) be from the 18th of March till the 21st of May, but more dates may get announced anytime soon.  The tour has been called: Morning Musume '17 Concert Tour Haru ~THE INSPIRATION~ This will be the first tour with 13th gen members Kaga Kaede and Yokoyama Reina!

Aikawa Maho to be on Haitus

It has been announced that Aikawa Maho (ANGERME) will be on Haitus for the time being. She has been absent for some events eversince the start of the new year and has been seeing a doctor. Aiai was suffering from headaches, vertigo, nausea and feelings of dread.  The doctor diagnosed her with "Panic Disorder", after which Aiai still tried to preforming during a Hello!Con (2nd of january) at which the symptomes appeared again. The doctor told her to take rest for now and seek medical treatment if necessary, which means Aiai will be taking a break from ANGERME. Aiai doesn't want to graduate ANGERME though, she wants to overcome her illness and encourage others who have the same disorder. She ofcourse asks her fans to wait for her.
It's quite terrible news for Aiai. Having Panick Attacks is no joke. Yet it's suprising how well she is handeling this and how her attitude towards her disorder is. It's quite something for a girl her age to come out with this and st…

Konno Asami announced her marriage!

Konno Asami (Morning Musume's 5th gen member) announced her marriage! Konkon (29) is currently a TV Tokyo announcer and got married to Sugiura Toshihiro (24) who is a baseball player. They got married on the first of Januari. Congratulations to the newly weds! May their marriage be a long and happy one!

New info on C-ute's last concert tour!

C-ute will pretty soon start their last concert tour.  The tour will for now be from the 1st of april till the 14th of may, but more dates might be announced. The tour will be called: ℃elebration

Hello!Pro Kenshuusei Hokkaido announced their first indies single!

Hello!Pro Kenshuusei Hokkaido announced they will be releasing their first indies single!  The group will release it on the 4th of febuary. The single will be called: Real Little Girl and Ishiguri Kanami said it's a fun song with Hokkaido Dialect in it.  The song will be preformed during their openings act for the Hello!Pro winter concert on the same day as they release the indies single. 
Congratulations to the Hokkaido Girls! This is amazing news and might be a really important step towards their debut as a group!

Morning Musume's 13th gen color pictures!

During the Hello!Project Concerts Morning Musume '17 wear member colored outfits! This means we finally have some clear pictures of the colors that Kaga Kaede and Yokoyama Reina have and how they look with the other members!  As you can see Kaedii's red is just a little bit more to the pink side (compared to Riho's) and Yoko-chan's Golden Yellow is much brighter than Harunan's Honey color!

Sato Masaki will be on Haitus

Sadly it has been announced that Morning Musume's 10th generation member Sato Masaki will be on a Haitus for the time being.
She has been diagnosed with a lumbar herniated disc, as was announced in december.
Masaki visited the doctor this week to be consulted about when she can preform again, but sadly the doctor decided she should rest for at least two months.
This means Masaki will not be able to preform before the end of Febuary.  Somewhere in Febuary it will be announced if Masaki is able to return to Morning Musume, this will be after consulting the doctors once more. Maa-chan herself also posted a comment. She says she is really embarresed about the situation and has been trying to heal for a long time. She however understands that if she doesn't take rest, she might never recover. She asks her fans to wait for her, as she wants to be back for Morning Musume's spring tour. She also said she will write a lot on her blog. 
This is tragic news. Poor Maa-chan. She must hav…

C-ute announced the date of their Saitama Super Arena concert!

C-ute announced the date of their Saitama Super Arena Concert. This concert will be their last concert as a group and they will disband on that stage. The concert will be on the 12th of June. For C-ute this stage is their dream stage, so let's cheer for them until that day!

C-ute announced their final single

C-ute announced their last single during their New Years concert. The single will be released on the 22nd of March and it's a triple A-side single
It's really weird to talk about C-ute's last single.  Let's hope for some amazing songs!

Tsubaki Factory announced the full name of their debut single!

Tsubaki Factory will have their Major Debut on the 22nd of Febuary! The single will be a triple a-side single. Two songs had already been announced as "Just Try!" and "Uruwashi no Camellia". During today's Hello!Project winter concert the last song was announced: Hatsukoi Sunrise With the official name of their Major Debut Single being: Hatsukoi Sunrise/ Just Try!/ Uruwashi no Camellia The white outfits that were previously show in their profile pictures are the outfits for Hatsukoi Sunrise, the black and silver outfits are for Just Try! and these outfits were announced to be for Uruwashi no Camellia:
Let's look forwards to Tsubaki Factory's Major Debut single!

Country Girls released new profile pictures

Country Girls will be releasing their 5th single in febuary and released profile pictures for it! The outfits are said to be for Good Boy Bad Girl and are really cool.  The oufits are mostly black and grey, with the older members wearing skirts and the young members wearing hotpants. Let's have a look at the individual pictures!
Tsugunaga Momoko Momoko is wearing the skirt outfit. It looks really pretty on her, although the size of the skirt make her looks so tiny. I really like her hair up and the outfit suits her. The outfits is however ment to be cool, yet Momoko can still make it look adorable and cute. 
Yamaki Risa Risa is such a beauty. The skirt fits her really well and I love her amount of legs. Her hair is really pretty and she looks like a cool rock princess!
Morito Chisaki Wait, wait?! Is this Chiichan without a ponytail? I mean her hair is still half up, yet gosh she looks so different. For some reason Chiichan is making me think of Riho more and more. Her outfit sadly is…

Tsugunaga Momoko announced her last single

Country Girls' playing manager Tsugunaga Momoko announced that Country Girls' upcoming single will be her last single with the group. Country Girls will release their 5th single on the 5th of febuary and it's called: Good Boy Bad Girl/Peanut Butter Jelly Love. Tsugunaga Momoko will graduate the group and Hello!Project on the 30th of June.