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PINK CRES. announced their first ablum!

Natsuyaki Miyabi's group PINK CRES. announced their first album! This will also be their first release ever. The album is called: Crescendo. It will be released on the 28th of June, but it will be pre-sold on May 22 at the Buono! Yokohama Arena concert, where PINK CRES. is a guest preformer.  For now only one song has been revealed for the release: Kirei. Kawai. Mirai Preview of the cover: Finally a release by PINK CRES. Let's hope for a bright future for this group!

Kudo Haruka announced her graduation

Morning Musume's 10th gen member Kudo Haruka announced her gradution today.  Kudo announced her graduation during Morning Musume's spring concert on the 29th of April. She will graduate on the last day of their fall tour this year to focus on acting.
Kudo will graduate from both Morning Musume and Hello!Project. Official statement:
Kudo Haruka will be the first 10th gen member to graduate from Morning Musume.  Let's all support her until her last day of Morning Musume and beyond that. 
I am heartbroken. Kudo Haruka has been a very important member for me in Morning Musume and it is really sad to see her go. I wish her all the happiness in the world and a big center song goodbye!

Tsubaki Factory announced their second single!

During today's Hello!Sta, Tsubaki Factory announced their second single! The single will be a triple a-side single and it will be released on the 26th of July.  One of the songs will be: Shuukatsu Sensation Congratulations to Tsubaki Factory!

Kobushi Factory announced their 4th single!

It has been quite a while since Kobushi Factory released a new single.  Yet, their 4th single has finally been announced! The single will be a double a-side single, it will be released on the 14th of June and is called: Shalala! Yareru Hazu sa/Ee ja nai ka Ninja nai ka Ee ja nai ka is the theme song for their movie JK Ninja Girls.
The single will be released in 5 versions, two regular, two limited and one special version.  The special version will also contain two bonus songs: Yumi ni Nukegake & Pitch Pichi Tomodachi Both songs are from JK Ninja Girls. This is Kobushi Factory's first single to have B-sides!

Morning Musume '17 are the new Cheer ambassadors for NPB!

Morning Musume '17 are the new Cheer ambassadors for National Professional Baseball interleague "Ceka Paka PLAY DREAM Campaign"!  The campaign will start on the 31st of May. Fukumura Mizuki is the campaign leader, while the other 12 members will all be supporting a Baseball club! Each member will have their own dance video played only at their team's home stadium! Morning Musume '17 is also featured in the CM for the campaign: website:

C-ute released covers for their last album!

On the 3rd of May, C-ute will release their last album: ℃OMPLETE SINGLE COLLECTION This album will be released in 3 versions, 1 regular and 2 limited editions.  All versions will include all their a-side songs, while regular will also contain all their b-side songs and a bonus disc with new songs and rare recordings. Let's have a look at these covers!
Regular The girls are standing infront and on the word C-ute. I actually really like the pure and white vibe. I know it has been used a lot, but it just looks right. The girls pop out and well it's just nice to look at.
Limited A Another nice cover. I really like how classy these covers look. Maybe they might be a bit to white, but I don't know it feels so right. I like their posses and how they stand or sit with the letters.
Limited B Ah I like this. I like how this picture is from above. Such a classic and classy feel. 
Overall There just isn't much to say about these covers. They look really pretty and classy. Maybe they a…

C-ute released new profile pictures!

C-ute is going head first into their last activities. They will be releasing their last album on the 3rd of May.  Now their (possible) last new profile pictures have been uploaded and it's getting all so real. Let's have a look at them!
Yajima Maimi Maimi looks beautiful. I love the color of her skirt and I like the top. She looks elegant and classy. The skirt does however have a weird slit, but meh, she looks beautiful!
Nakajima Saki Oh Saki, you are so beautiful. that light skirt, that top, it looks so good. I love her hair like this and her arms looks so tiny. Gosh what a beautiful woman!
Suzuki Airi Airi! Her hair is sooo beautiful. I love Airi so much. She looks like a goddess. The top is not my taste, but she pulls it of perfectly. I adore this picture to much. 
Okai Chisato Chisato looks so good with her hair like this. I miss her long hair... I love her outfit. Not much else to say. 
Hagiwara Mai Mai with her pouty face. The blue looks really classy on her and I like her h…

C-ute announced more details on their last album!

C-ute announced more details on their last album! The album is called: ℃OMPLETE SINGLE COLLECTION
There will be three versions, two limited and one regular edition.
All versions will contain all their a-side songs, regular will also have all their b-side songs and some rare recordings, while Limited A will have their COTTON CLUB Live and Limited B will have a MV collection. The release date is still the 3rd of May.