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Aikawa Maho graduated ANGERME and Hello!Project

It has sadly been announced that Aikawa Maho decided to graduate from ANGERME and Hello!Project. Maho has been in a haitus for 11 monthes due to anxiety disorder. She hoped to recover and rejoin ANGERME. Eventhough she has been doing better and returning to her university, Maho didn't recover enough to come back to ANGERME.  She says she is very scared her anxiety will return once she starts preforming again and doesn't want her fans to wait for nothing.  Goodbye Aikawa Maho, good luck with university!

Michishige Sayumi announced her second preformance series!

Michishige Sayumi announced she will have her second preformance series in march! After the succes of SAYUMINGLANDOLL~Sansei~, it was decided to hold a second serie called: SAYUMINGLANDOLL~Shukumei~ It will run from the 20th of march until the 25th of march and have 10 preformances at COTTON CLUB. Let's look forwards to more Sayumi!!

Inaba Manaka will preform at the Hello!Pro winter con!

It was announced that Inaba Manaka will be preforming at all Hello!Pro winter concerts! The concerts will start on the 2nd of January and will have two different versions.  Until now it wasn't clear what Manaka's role in Hello!Project would be, but as she will be a part of all these concerts, we can expect more of her in the future!

Tsubaki Factory announced the songs for their 3rd single!

Tsubaki Factory will release their 3rd single on the 21st of febuary. A while ago they announced that the first song was called Teion Yakedo and released it digitally.
During an event yesterday, the girls announced the names of the other two songs: Shunrenka I Need You ~Kanransha~ Let's hope we get more information soon!

Update Tsubaki Factory announced that I Need You ~Kanransha~ is now called:  I Need You ~Yozora no Kanransha~

Morning Musume announced 20th anniversary album!

Morning Musume announced they will be releasing a special album next year! The album will be released on the 7th of febuary and is a 20th anniversary album.  It will be called: Hatachi no Morning Musume And it will be release by Morning Musume 20th. The album will be released in two versions, one regular with only cds and one limited with a dvd. This dvd will have a part of the  20th anniversary Budokan concert, interviews with OG members and the MV to Ai no Tane (20th anniversary ver.). Not much else has been announced, so we don't know if it will be a cover album or a best-of album. We will just have to wait for more information!

The album is a Mini-album and will contain 8 songs.
Ai no Tane (20th anniversary ver.) and Gosenfu no Tasuki will be on the album.
The other 6 songs will be new songs preformed by OG members and the current members!

Kobushi Factory released new profile pictures!

Kobushi Factory released new profile pictures! After the announcement that Taguchi Natsumi officially left the group, it was ofcourse only a matter of time. Yet the last two times we got editted group pictures of the outfits used in their last single. Yet now we got completely new ones!
Hirose Ayaka & Nomura Minami Ayapan, did you kill a Sesame Street character? Urgh those sleeves! I love pink on her though and her hair is really nice like this! Nomura looks like a model. I love her smile and her hat and her skirt! She looks absolutly fab.
Hamaura Ayano & Wada Sakurako Hamachan looks adorable. I love white on her and the hat is so cute! Big fan of the skirt in combination with the shirt. Sakurako is so pretty, I love her face and hair. Yet that top and skirt look terrible on her. SHE HAS A BODY PEOPLE! Give her something more flattering and she is the prettiest of all.
Inoue Rei How can you work such a terrible outfit girl? The hat is adorable, yet the dress (??) is urgh, noo. Y…

Taguchi Natsumi leaves Kobushi Factory and Hello!Project

It has been announced that Taguchi Natsumi, member of Kobushi Factory, had her contract cancelled halfway by Up-Front Promotions.  There have been talkes between Taguchi, her parents and management about her behavior in the past few months. Due to her not taking the responsibility of her contract, management decided to cancel it all togheter.  Taguchi will leave Kobushi Factory and Hello!Project as of the 6th of december and Kobushi Factory will go on as a 5 member group. 
This is really sad, yet not suprising, news. Yesterday, I actually thought to myself: now that their tour is over, I wouldn't be suprised it she left. And just an hour later the announcement came along. I feel really bad for Kobushi Factory. They lost 3 members in a matter of months, due to disregard of their contracts or due to mental health.  Let's support them with all our hearts and hope they will come out of this with their fists raised. Announcement:…