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More LinLin

Just to show my newborn (but always been) love for LinLin.
She is just so amazing, cute and very talented.
Here is a song I totally adore:
More to come <3

Linlin to release an album this spring

The beautiful and talented Linlin (yes yes I love her) will be releasing her first solo album this spring <3. This was announced in an internet interview, which you can find here: I quote: "As LinLin prepares to debut as a solo artist in China, she brings herself that much further to making her dreams a reality. At the earliest her album will go on sale this coming spring. There are also plans in the works for a concert in China." I can't believe it. After more than 2 years LinLin will finally be doing what she is best in: Singing. I really  hope all her fans will support her and I hope there will be a concert for her.  Here are some songs Linlin did, just so you can all hear how amazing she is:
and my favorite:

Hello!Project's sick girls

These past week a lot of H!P member got sick (well a lot in my opinion). I'm really sad to hear this, because I wish them all the health and happiness in the world. So everytime I read one of them is sick I get sad. I hope they will all rest and be healthy and energetic as soon as possible. Being sick sucks.

 Get well Rinapuu, Ayacho and Maa-chan

Set List for Viva (Hello Project winter tour)

01.Hello! no Theme / All 
(H!P member appear from audience seats)
03. Samuine /Smileage
04. Otonano Tochuu /Smileage
05. Mano Piano / Mano Erina
06. NEXT MY SELF / Mano Erina
07. Kono Machi / ℃-ute
08. Kanashiki Heaven / ℃-ute
09. Asian Seleveration / Berryz Kobo
10.WANT! / Berryz Kobo
11.Help me!! / Morning Musume。
12.Wakuteka Take a chance / Morning Musume。

※Video Corner "Tsun-Club"
13. Tegami /Tazaki Asahi
14. Cabbage Hakusyo HaruHen / P-berry

■ Shuffle corner
15. The Matenrou Show / ℃-ute
16. Massara Blue Jeans / Berryz Kobo
17. Anatanashideha Ikite yukenai / Morning Musume

18. Uwaki-na Honey Pie (country Musume) / Satoda Mai and Hello! member.

19. Banzai! -Jinsei wa Meccha Wanderfulミ!/ Mano Erina
20. Watashi Choi-to kawaii Ura-Banchou / Smileage
21. Kanojyo Ni Naritai / Hello! Project Trainee.

22 Medley corner /All
1.2.3(Morning Musume) - Forever Love(C-ute) - Seisyun Serenade(Mano Erina) - Heroine Ni Narouka(berryz) - Nee Sempai(smileage…