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Nakano Rion signed with a new agency!

Nakano Rion signed with a new agency! Rion left H!P Kenshuusei about a month ago, but opened up a twitter. She is now signed under A-Light Agency. Congratulations to Rion and let's hope this will mean good things for her!

Miyabi's new group is called PINK CRES.

I am a bit late to the party, but Natsuyaki Miyabi's group finally has a name! The group has been togheter since April, yet they didn't have a name. During Buono's concert in Budokan, the name was finally revealed to be: PINK CRES. The meaning of the name is their groups colors (Pink) with Cres from Crescendo. Crescendo means music gradually growing louder and it should represent their growth as a group.  The group also preformed three songs of which two were new: Summer Wonderland Warning~Mirai Keihou~ Uwa no Sora PINK CRES. also opened their official site and blog: Site Blog

C-ute to disband in 2017

Yesterday several newspapers announced the disbandment of C-ute. This has been confirmed soon after by management and C-ute themselfs. The group announced they will break up as a group in June of 2017 C-ute had been thinking about stopping eversince Hagiwara Mai got 20, but as they hadn't preformed at their dream stage, they didn't want to break up yet. So when management announced to them they would preform at Saitama Super Arena, their dream stage, the girls decided this would also be their last stage as a group.  Ofcourse they thought about going on as a group outside of H!P, but C-ute found that the group was an important part of H!P and couldn't take it away. They also thought about putting the group on Haitus, like their fellow H!P Kids members Berryz Koubou did. Yet the girls thought it would be best if they "broke up" after their SSA preformance.  C-ute will not be taking part in the Hello!Pro winter concert of 2017, to focus on their last single and con…

*Confirmed* C-ute to disband in 2017

Guys this is a Rumor! (Edit: 20th of august: confirmed) I just wanted to post it because this is quite serious for H!P fans. It seems like C-ute will announce their disbandment tomorrow. Several japanese papers have been publishing articles about C-ute disbanding in June of 2017 with their final stage being in Saitama Super Arena.  Tomorrow is the H!P concert at Nakano Sun Plaza and it's suspected they will announce it then. 
I do not know if this is true. It might be. C-ute has been around for so long, it wouldn't be weird if they wanted to do something else with their lives. H!P won't be the same without them though.
A lot of questions remain, if this is true: will they graduate the group, disband it or go on haitus like Berryz? Will they all leave H!P or will some of them stay around? Who will become H!P leader?
Will they stay in the entertainment? Let's wait around until tomorrow. I am going to fly to America tomorrow, so the updates about this might be slow. 

Country Girls announce their 4th single!

Country Girls announced their new single! This will be their fourth single and first single without Inaba Manaka. The single will be released on the 28th of september and is a double a-side, called: Doo Datte Ii no/Namida no Request Let's look forwards to their new single!

H!P kenshuusei announce 26th generation!

It was only a matter of time, since so many Kenshuusei are debutting in groups, but Hello!Pro Kenshuusei announced their 26th generation! Six new girls will be added and they will debut in the September recital.  The names of the girls are: Kawamura Ayano Yokoyama Reina  Yoshida Marie  Nishida Shiori Yamazaki Yuhane  Hashisako Rin Only Kawamura seems to be known by the public already. She was in quite a few plays and was part of an idol group named Hachikin Girls. She is a fan of Kudo Haruka. 
I can not wait to get more information about these girls and see them preform for the first time! This means we now have 19 kenshuusei girls and 9 members of Tsubaki Factory, which means 28 girls in total (as TF is officially still indies, so kenshuuse).  Source:

Tsubaki Factory announces 2nd generation!

During Today's fan club event, Tsubaki Factory announced their second generation. Three new members from Kenshuusei will join the group: Ono Mizuho Birthday: september 29, 2000 (15) From: Tokyo Kenshuusei since: april 2015
Onoda Saori Birthday: December 17, 2001 (14) From: Shizuoka Kenshuusei since: october 2014
Akiyama Mao Birthday: July 29, 2002 (14) From: Osaka Kenshuusei since: april 2015
Congratulations to these girls for making their debut into a group! Now let's all hope Tsubaki Factory will get the chance to debut soon!

Yoshizawa Hitomi became a mother!

Yoshizawa Hitomi gave birth to a son! She became a mother on the 29th of July. Congratulations to Yossie and her husband!

Juice=Juice move the release date of their upcoming single and release new profile pictures

Without a given reason Juice=Juice's upcoming single was pushed back. The single would originally release in september, but is now moved to the 26th of october.  The name for the single didn't change, but the girls did release new profile pictures with the outfits for KEEP ON Joshou Shikou!! Let's have a look at them! Miyazaki Yuka  Yuka looks adorable in her close up! This color suits her and her ponytail makes her so mature. She does look really tiny and thin in this outfit. I like the arm things, but the pants are quite meh. 
Kanazawa Tomoko Tomoko, urgh you all know my feelings for this girl, she looks perfect. I adore her close up and she looks really good in the full body picture. Pants are still weird but the pictures are nice. 
Takagi Sayuki Don't cover up Sayuki! Eversince J=J's Budokan Drama, I feel like they are actually treating Sayuki like her character. This girl has a great body, show it. I like her ponytail btw!
Miyamoto Karin
What do you mean? These ar…

Tsubaki Factory opened their youtube account!

Tsubaki Factory opened their youtube account! On the account they released the full version of Hitorijime. If you like go and follow the youngest hello!project group!

Kago Ai got married!

Suprising news! Kago Ai, ex-momusu member, got married! She announced she got married to him on the 7th of august. He is a manager in a beauty company and a normal man (so non celebrity). Congratulations to Aibon! May your lives be happy.

Natsuyaki Miyabi's group preformed two original songs!

Natsuyaki Miyabi's group had their first fanclub event today! The group doesn't have a name yet, but they did preform two original songs: Last Love Summer Wonderland Great new group! I hope we get a single announcement soon, but first let them get a name!

Wada Sakurako in poor health

It was announced that Kobushi Factory's Wada Sakurako would be absent from several events and lives due to being in poor health.  She already missed the events on the 4th of august and will also miss the Hello!Con's this weekend. Get well soon Sakurako!

Buono! announced new single!

Hello Buono! fans! Extremely good news: Buono! will be releasing a new single! As you all know Buono! will be having their first Budokan concert in august, so them releasing a single is really nice.  This will be their first single since 2012, when they released Hatsukoi Cider/DEEP MIND. The single will be released on the 21st of september and it's a double a-side: Sol La Si Do ~NeeNee~/Rock no Seichi The single will most probably be a DVD single, but it's non the less amazing news! This girls gave a preview of one of the songs on their Youtube channel: Great to have a new Buono! single to look forwards too!

Kanazawa Tomoko became assistent ambassador for Miyoshi city!

Juice=Juice's sub-leader Kanazawa Tomoko became assistent ambassador for Miyoshi City, Saitama! Yoshizawa Hitomi (ex- Momusu member) has been the public relations ambassador of Miyoshi since 2014 and Tomoko will join her and assist her.  Great news for Tomoko! It must be such an honor to become somthing like this for your hometown!

Country Girls updated their profile pictures

Country Girls updated their profile pictures after the announcement that Inaba Manaka graduated the group. We now have pictures of the six members in summery outfits.

Inaba Manaka graduated Country Girls

Incredibly sad news: it seem like Inaba Manaka graduated Country Girls. Manaka was on haitus due to her astma and would be returning once she was feeling better. Sadly today it was announced that her astma wasn't getting better and that Manaka wouldn't be able to do her normal activities in Country Girls and decided to leave. Manaka didn't wanna hold the group back.  Country Girls will continue their activities as a 6 member group.
Manaka will however stay with UFP for the time being. Management and staff are looking into possible other activities for her. Announcement: Manaka's announcement:

Funaki Musubu to be absent from this weekends lives.

Country Girls' Funaki Musubu will be absent from this weekends preformances. She was diagnosed with mumps and will need to stay home and rest.  It is not clear if she will return the week after, as the staff doesn't know how fast Musubu will recover.
Musubu get well soon! I hope you will feel better soon.

Makino Maria to release first Photobook!

Morning Musume's 12th gen member Makino Maria announced she will be releasing her first photobook this august! The photobook will be released in just 5 days, on the 6th of august. Makino's photobook is called: Maria and this is the cover: The photobook will have 80 pages and will contain Maria in swimwear, uniform and pyama's. It will also come with a making of Dvd.  "Maria" will be available at the upcoming Hello!con, Hello! Stores, Hello! Project webshop  and E-line up!
Congratulations to Maria!


Hello everyone! I can not believe the day came I can make this post! Last week this blog hit 100.000 views! I went to sleep with 99.930 views and woke up with 100.212 views! I don't know how to thank you all. This blog started of as just a place I could write stuff about H!P on and it evolved into a news blog.  I can not express my gratitude to you all for reading my posts about hello!pro. For me this blog is mostly so I keep up with my favorite idols and share the news with you guys. 
Two years ago I also started my more personal blog, which hit the 16.500 views mark.  Again something I am very proud of.

I searched for many ways to celebrate my milestone in blogging and decided to open up a twitter. On this twitter I will post links to both my blogs and some other Hello!Pro related stuff! So please go on and follow it: Kamei-chan is currently the guardian of this twitter, because to me she is the eternal idol!  Please continue to support Hello!Project…

Morning Musume '16 will have a live in Taipei!

Morning Musume '16 announced their live in Taipei! On October 16th the group will have a live concert in the ATT Show Box in Taipei. The tickets will go on sale on the 13th of August. Announcement by the girls themselfs:
Congratulations to Morning Musume '16 and all the fans who are now able to see them live!