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Juice=Juice released the covers for their upcoming single!

Juice=Juice will be releasing their 9th single in just 27 days! The single will be their first since 2016 and has two a-sides: Jidanda Dance/Feel! Kanjiru yo. There will be 5 versions, 2 limited, 2 regular and 1 special edition. 
Regular A For the first regular cover we have Juice=Juice in their casual Jidanda outfits. I love it. It's a cute cover. I love how casual the cover looks and that Yuka <3. Adorable and cute. I adore the setting and the lens flare.
Regular B More pastel outfits and OUTDOOR SHOT? Omg. They have me. I love it. I love their poses, I love the setting. I am sold. 
Limited A These outfits. And they look so cute wearing them. I look forwards to this song and it's MV. I mean overall this cover is super boring, but the big smiles make up for it. 
Limited B Ah why are these covers so adorable. Look at them. And outside and everything. I want Feel now. I WANT IT. Such a genuine cute cover. 
Special Edition Ohhh, I like how original and creative this cover is. Yes…

Juice=Juice released new profile pictures!

Finally, Juice=Juice released new profile pictures! Juice=Juice will be releasing their 9th single on the 26th of May and it's called: Jidanda Dance/Feel! Kanjiru yo The new profile picture show us the casual outfits for Jidanda Dance!
Miyazaki Yuka Who gave Yuka pants? I need to shake hands with that person, because she looks stunning. She has such great legs, give the girls pants and she looks sooo elegant. I love her hair and the shirt looks so good on her. Her soft and sweet side is right here.
Kanazawa Tomoko I like this bohemian outfit. It looks good on kanatomoko and makes her look slender. I love her hair like this, but come on Kanatomo SMILE. The top is nice and I love the soft colors on her.
Takagi Sayuki Not sure if I adore this look on Sayuki or if she looks like a rich tennis mom. Her hair is beautiful and her dress looks really cute on her. But that shirt over her shoulders.. Yes tennis mom. 
Miyamoto Karin How is it that all the girls look more grown up and Karin looks …

Tsugunaga Momoko announced her Final Live!

Tsugunaga Momoko announced her final live. She will hold a solo concert in a venue outside of Odaiba.  It has not yet been announced if there will be any guests at her concert, but this is most likely. The concert is called: ♥Arigato Otomomochi♥ The concert will be on the 30th of June, like announced earlier.
Are you all ready to say goodbye to our Momochi?  I know I am not ready for anything like this. 

ANGERME announced their 23th single!

It has been a while since ANGERME released their last single, but today they finally announced their 23th one! The single will be a triple a-side single and one of the songs is called Ai Sae Areba Nanni mo Iranai, while the other two song names haven't been revealed yet. The single will be released on the 21st of June. It has not been stated if Aikawa Maho will also be on the single, as she is on Haitus right now.

Nakano Rion joined Ichigo Milk Iro ni Somaritai!

Nakano Rion (Ex- Hello!Pro Kenshuusei) joined the idolgroup Ichigo Milk Iro ni Someritai! She will debut in the group on the 2nd of April! Let's all cheer her on in this new step!

Michishige Sayumi revealed new profile pictures!

The princess has returned. Michishige Sayumi, ex- member of Morning Musume, will be returning to the entertainment world tomorrow and finally revealed her new profile pictures! Tomorrow Michishige will start performing her Sayuminglandoll shows and we will finally see what she has instore for us! Let's all welcome our Usa-chan with lots of love and support! Welcome back Michishige Sayumi-chan!

C-ute announced their Best Album!

C-ute announced their final album. They will be releasing a Best Album in three versions.
All versions will have all of their A-sides on them. Limited A will also have a dvd with their recent dinner show on it. Limited B will have all MV's after Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku. The regular edition will have all the coupling songs and (unreleased) tracks.
The release date is yet to be announced! Let's look forwards to their last release!

C-ute released the covers for their last single!

C-ute released the covers for their last single!  There will be seven different version, 3 regular editions, 3 limited edition and 1 special edition.  Let's have a look at the different covers!
Limited A Limited A is for To Tomorrow and features the girls in white outfits. It is such a lovely cover. I adore the individual pictures and they look like goddesses. I really like the lighting and the blue in the background. Urgh I love it so much, if this is a preview of the MV, I am excited. 
Limited B I adore the red outfits, I adore this cover so much. I love the rain, their poses, the stage and the navy top. Gosh it's beautiful and look at all the sass! I am so looking forwards to Final Squall, it's gonna be awsome. 
Limited C These outfits are not my taste, but it's nice. The girls look sassy and pretty. The shoes are awsome, the background was weird. Not to special, but nice I guess. The red lasers look a bit weird. 
Regular A  Regular a is glorious. Look at those smiles …

8 girls will join Hello!pro Kenshuusei!

It was announced that eight new girls will be joining Hello!Pro Kenshuusei.  The girls will be introduced during the next tour on march 11th. The names are for now only in Japanese and mine is not good enough to translate them perfectly. So we will just have to wait for official romanji! Let's welcome these new girls with a big smile!

Yoshida Marie finished her Kenshuusei training

Hello!Pro Kenshuusei Yoshida Marie announced she finished her Kenshuusei training.
This means she left the program and will not return to preform.
Another kenshuusei leaving the program. It has been speculated a while that Yoshida left, but sadly today it was announced this is true.

C-ute reveals new profile pictures!

C-ute will be releasing their final single on the 29th of March.  The single is a triple a-side and has been announced to be called: To Tomorrow/ Finall Squall/The Curtain Rises Today we finally got some new profile pictures!
It is not really clear which outfits are for which songs, but we have a red outfit (which are beautiful), black leathery outfits (which actually look like the Mugen Climax outfits) and white outfits.  The white outfits also are the outfits we have for the individual outfits.
Yajima Maimi That close up picture! The dress looks so beautiful and elegant on Maimi and I adore that hair swoop. She is so beautiful. This really screams I am ready for a new start. Such a beautiful woman!
Nakajima Saki Nakky always looks amazing in white. And that short skirt and her shoes. It's so beautiful! All the yes to the glory of this picture. 
Suzuki Airi I love Airi. Look at that smile. Isn't she a pure goddess? I will miss her voice and smile so much! Gosh she looks really re…

News on Aikawa Maho

ANGERME's Aikawa Maho has been on Haitus since January 11th due to panic attacks. Maho has been absent for the rest of the Hello!Pro winter concert and all other events. Today, the 3th of March, there was an update on her status. Sadly Maho will stay on Haitus for the coming periode, at least until mid-May. She will miss ANGERME's Hall tour, Concert Tour and Budokan concert, as well as Hinafest. She will continue to rest and get treatment.
It's is so sad to hear that Maho will be absent for a longer period. Let's all hope the best for her! And ofcourse keep supporting ANGERME!

Morning Musume '17 will be in a new play!

Morning Musume '17 will be in a new stage play! The stage play is called Pharaoh no Haka and will be from the 2nd of June until the 11th of June in Ikebukuro Sunshine Theater. There will be a double cast (like last time) and the story is based on a manga from the 1970's by Keiko Takeyami. There will also be Kenshuusei in the play!
Let's hope for another great play with amazing songs!