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Hello! Project no Zenkyoku Kara Atsumechaimashita! Vol. 1 & 2

It was announced some time ago that there would be 2 cd's release by Hello!Project.  The cds are called: Hello!Project no Zenkyoku Kara Atsumechaimashita! Vol. 1 & 2. The tracks that will be on the cd's are choosen by Tower Records' CEO Minewaki Ikuo (Vol. 1), "Idol Music journalist" Namba Kazumi (Vol. 1) and Columist and Interviewer Yoshida Gou (Vol.2). The tracklists: Vol.1  1. Egao YES Nude (ALBUM MIX) / Morning Musume 2. Kimagure / Maki Goto 3. Sentimental Minamimuki / Tanpopo 4. Toshishitsu Taiki / Berryz Kobo 5. Aisaretai Aisaretai / Ongaku Gatas 6. Popcorn Love! / Morning Musume 7. Bye Bye Bye! / C-ute 8. Aki Urara / Morning Musume 9. Himitsu no U・ta・hi・me / Berryz Kobo 10. PARTY TIME / Guardians 4 11. Nebou Desu. Data na no ni.../ Morning Musume 12. Debut! ~Koisuru Kado ni wa Fukukitaru / Ice Creamusume 13. Uchuu de La Ta Ta / Taiyou to Ciscomoon 14. Let's Do Daihakken! / Miki Fujimoto 15. Kokuhaku Kinenbi / Melon Kinenbi 16. Romance no Tochuu / Juice…

Morning Musume '14 releases the covers for their 55th single

I really can't believe how busy it is getting in Hello!Project fandom land! Morning Musume '14 released the HQ cover for their 55th single and they are so beautiful! Let's have a look at them!! Regular A This is the regular A version, and they are not wearing colored outfits, but there are colors over them. I love this cover. It's so beautiful and clean. I love how this looks. I can tell this will be a fresh wind for Morning Musume!
Regular B In this cover Morning Musume '14 is wearing the greenish/blue outfits. And there is a colored swirl on the background. I really like thi one two. Simple but so beautiful!
Limited A O lord. This is beautiful. I really REALLY love this. All the girls are smiling so natural. They look BEAUTIFUL. This is a good cover. It really shows: Egao no kimi no Taiyou sa. 
Limited B This cover has such a diffrent feel than Limited A. Its far more serious. AND IS THAT ERIPON IN THE MIDDLE???? I like this cover. It's clean and very cool. It m…

Morning Musume '14's special site for their 55th single!

Morning Musume '14 opened a special site for their 55th single: And it's such a beautiful site! Here are some screenshots!

Please support Morning Musume '14!

Morning Musume '14 uploaded the MV for Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa!

Morning Musume '14uploaded their MV for Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa! We already had the Mv in Hello!Station, but it's always exiting if they release it on their own youtube channel! Please watch it!
Morning Musume '14 also announced a solo hand-shake event on the 1/13. The girls will go to diffrent prefectures and do 2 each!

Happy New year!

Happy New Year everyone!
I hope you will all have a great year with a lot of good things! Please be carefull with fireworks!

Bitter & Sweet preformed two original songs!

Bitter & Sweet preformed to original songs during Hello!Project COUNTDOWN PARTY 2013 ~GOODBYE & HELLO!~.  They first preformed Tegami togheter (Asahi was singing behind her keyboard, while Moemi was just singing) and after that they preformed Install, which is their first original song! During the second show they preformed a song called Bitter & Sweet, which is also a original song! The last song is probably the song Asahi and Moemi were recording during Uf-Licks. It is not clear if the songs will be a single or something, but I have high hopes. Asahi is an amazing preformer with a flair not a lot of people have. So autentic. And I think Moemi will suprise everyone! 

Mitsui Aika to Study English Abroad

Mitsui Aika announced during the Hello!Project COUNTDOWN 2013 ~GOOD BYE & HELLO!~ that she will be going abroad to study English. She will stay a member of Hello!Project and she asked her fans to wait for her. I'm quite suprised by her announcement, but I'm very happy for her. Aika hasn't been that active and I hope this will give her a good future. I do hope she will return, but I can imagen her finding a nice boy and you know... Make herself a nice future. Anyways I'll wait for her to return!

Looking back on 2013- Part 8 *My top 5 Album songs*

There were a lot of albums released this year and I have to see: I didn't really get much of it.
Morning Musume's best of album was pretty awsome, but C-ute's and Berryz album just didn't get me. S/mileage did produce some great songs for their album though. Anyways let's have a look at my top 5, eventhough it's not that fair.
My top 5 Album songs: Number 5 C-ute's 8 Queen of Pop Bagel ni Ham & Cheese This is such a cute song. And I really love the MV. It seem so fun to be an idol. Anways this song was nice.
Number 4 Yuugure Koi no Jikan Such a cute and fun song. I love how everyone gets to sing and how adorable it is. Just a great song for them. Kana and Rina sound so cute... I'm happy they get to sing in this song.
Number 3 Help me!! (Updated) I love Help me!! But this version is even better. I love hearing more Sakura and Ayumi.
Number 2 Otona no Tochuu I couldn't find any audio of this song. But it's great!! It very upbeat and cool. A diffrent sid…

Looking back on 2013- part 7 *My top 6 Juice=Juice songs*

My babies <3 Juice=Juice is such a young group. They aren't even a year old!! But o my do I love them. From the first moment they were announced unitl now. They grow so much. They lost one of their member, but look how far they have come! Let's look at: My top 6 Juice=Juice songs (I leave the Memorial edits out!) Number 6 Ten made Nobore! I really feel like this song was just a fast production. It's a cute song, but I don't like that Juice=Juice didn't get a proper third indies single. The song is good and I like the Juice=juice version, but it didn't even get a normal MV. The single didn't even release normaly...
Number 5 Romance no Tochuu I know I know, it's their debut single. But really this song just doesn't get me as much as some of their other songs. It's a great song! Really I love it and TOMOKO. But I keep wondering: Where would Aina dance and where did she sing? There is far to much Karin. Still a great song and I do love it. But still …

Looking back on 2013- part 6 *My top 5 S/mileage songs*

Guys, I'll warn you, Berryz had a difficult year, but S/mileage just had a horrible year in my eyes. It's hard to make a top 5 of songs I didn't really enjoy. But let's give it a shot.  My top 5 S/mileage songs Number 5 Tabidachi no Haru ga Kita To be honest: I don't like this song. It starts wrong and I don't think the chorus fits the rest of the song. I did like the outfits a lot and the MV was beautiful, but the song was just really meh... The song started of really good with that little intro, but o good... it's just nothing for me. AND WHY PUTT TAKECHAN IN PANTS. 
Number 4 Ee ka!? I like this song. Not love, but I like it. But I think the border between cool and cute was far to thin here. I do love Kana getting some spotlight again. The outfits are cute and Dawa, Nyon and Gorilla-chan looked amazing. It's just not my type of song.
Number 3 Ii Yatsu I think this song is good. Just bit better than Ee ka!? But good. I like the chorus and I think the voices …

Looking back on 2013- Part 5 *My top 5 C-ute songs*

C-ute had a good year. They became so populair and their songs are really great. So here is: My top 5 C-ute songs Number 5 Kono Machi I really enjoy this song. C-ute really has the vocals to pull of a song like this. I like that it's slow, but I do think I enjoy the Dance Groove version more! This verion is more like the original and I love the original <3 
Number 4 Crazy Kanzen na Otona I really enjoy the intro of this song. I think it nice to listen to and is perfect for a concert. It can really get you going. Chisa and Airi sound perfect in this song. I think this is one of the most sexy songs and MV's C-ute has ever done. 
Number 3 Adam to Eve no Dillema The chorus of this song just got me. From the first time I heared it. It's so catchy and sexy. I love Mai's notes in the end and I really love the setting.
Number 2 Kanashiki Amefuri This song got me from the first second. I like how it sounds like the beginning of a tv show or something. It's very cool. I love the …

Looking back on 2013- part 4 * My top 5 Berryz Koubou songs*

It's time for part 4! My favorite Berryz Koubou songs of the year and it does not include the album songs.
My top 5 Berryz Koubou Songs It was a hard year for Berryz Koubou and they didn't really get that much attention from me. I'm sorry Berryz... I still love you <3 
Number 5 I'm so cool! I think this song is really fun. I love how they sing: Don't you think I'm so cool! And Maasa proved her place in Berryz Koubou. I hated her line in ROCK Erotic, but her last line made everything good again. 
Number 4 ROCK Erotic Good this song is so good! I love the beat in it and ROCK EROTIC. As I said above I think Maasa's line could have been better. But it's still one of the best songs Berryz Koubou did this year! And Yurina in this MV and her voice <3 YES pure Rock Erotic ;)
Number 3 I like Picnic I really think this is one of the most fun songs Berryz Koubou has produced in a while. It's fun and upbeat and everyone sings so well. Eventhough this is a cover…

Looking back on 2013- part 3 *My Morning Musume top 10 B-sides*

So it's the 31st of December 2013 and 2014 is just around the corner. It's quite hard to believe we are already here... But anyways it's time for part 3 of my Looking back on 2013: My Morning Musume top 10 B-sides. This year was a very good year for b-sides! We had like 11 b-sides and they were all amazing. Here is my top 10 of them! Number 10 Happy Daisakusen I really like this song. It's cute and I love how everyone gets to sing! It's a great song, although I don't think it's that good for a concert. 
Number 9 Daisuki Dakara Zettai Yurusanai Sakura's vocals <3 I really do enjoy this song, although I don't know, it could have been better. I love the Iya-parts. But I'm just not a big fan of Riho's vocals here. Bouya At first this song didn't really get me. But I really REALLY love Haruna's lines. She is so amazing! I really enjoy listening to the song and see the preformance of it.
Number 8 Funwari Koibito Ichinensei I love the combinati…

Looking back on 2013- Part 2 *My top 5 Morning Musume A-sides*

My top 5 Morning Musume A-sides This was really hard for me. I really love each and every single Morning Musume released this year. So I love very song, but some just a little bit more.  Number 5 Wagamama ki no mama Ai no Joke I love this song! It is so good!! I really like how this shows of the new Morning Musume. I love the high notes (not live though...). I really think this was a great song and I adore the black outfits!! It also made me happy that Kanon and Eripon got to sing a duet line in the middle of the stage!! The instrumental for this song is really good and I like how cool the song is. The Aisaretai parts are amazing in concert. Just listening to this song makes me happy. I love Sakura's duet line with Eripon they sound so good! And the Slapping dance part makes me smile. 
Number 4 Brainstorming I remember hearing brainstorming for the first time. I remember it hitting me like a rock of awsomeness. I really really loved this song from the beginning. When it was released I…

Looking back on 2013- part 1 *My H!P Year*

So I'm going to try and do these posts with my rankings for the year! This year was a great year in many ways and I really wanna share it with you.  So here is what I will do: Part 1 will be about my top 5 groups and top 10 girls Part 2 will be about my top 5 Morning Musume a-sides Part 3 will be about my top 10 Morning Musume b-sides  Part 4 will be about my top 5 Berryz Koubou songs Part 5 will be about my top 5 C-ute songs Part 6 will be about my top 5 S/mileage songs Part 7 will be about my top 6 Juice=Juice songs Part 8 will be about my top 5 album songs So first up is: My top 5 H!P groups: 5 S/mileage S/mileage is a great group. I really adore Kanana and I like their songs. But they are not doing it for me. There is something missing and it makes S/mileage dull for me. I don't know.. Their songs are good, but they don't make my heart beat faster. 
4 Berryz Koubou  Berryz Koubou was once my number one group and now they are at place four... How sad this is. Berryz Koubou didn&…

Kaneko Rie probably left H!P Kenshuusei

It seems that the father of Kaneko Rie announced on his facebook that Rie left H!P Kenshuusei. There have been some rumors about Kaneko leaving. At the last H!P Kenshuusei Nama Tamago there were some signs. The staff and management were all wearing Kaneko's t-shirt, there were past Kenshuusei members wearing her t-shirt(Fukumura Mizuki, Katsuta Rina and Takeuchi Akari) and it's said even Tsunku was present.  When the show ended Kaneko stayed on stage longer and bowed once more to the fans. Miyamoto Karin and Takagi Sayuki were crying backstage. Karin and Sayuki also blogged about Rie and thanked her, nothing about her leaving though. Kaneko Rie's possible leaving is still not confirmed by Hello!Project or Up Front, so I didn't really pay that much attention to it. But if it really is her father who posted that announcement, it is probably true. Kaneko Rie was not my favorite kenshuusei, but she has a lot of potential and such a great voice. It must have been hard for …