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Berryz koubou-aa yoru ga akeru cm review

That's the cm of the new bk single aa yoru ga akeru.
I totally love it! I really enjoyed watching it.
The stairs make the clip so elegant. The close up were amazing! Those eyes!
I think this will be an amazing bk single! It must show us a whole other side of bk.
I really adore kuma's new hair style! Risako looked older and miya dreamy. Chinami was stunning! Just like beautiful captain. Even maasa was looking great. Momo was okay...
Overall: amazing!! Full version please?

Saterday 2nd of july- Dream morning musume

The morning started early again. Due to some little problems with the neighbours we couldnt't sleep well. We first went to a place were the tickets were draw for a yossy and rika signing session. We didn't get in.. After tyat we went walking around the
Japan expo. We saw so many things and the people were so nice! I didn't know if i had to thank them with merci, thank you or arigatou!! (^∇^)around 5 pm the signing session started and even though we didn't win, we went to see a little yossy or rika and we saw them both!! Atfter that there would be a little converence with yossy and rika, so we went early to this Converence room. We ended up sitting in the back.. But not for long! We could get two spots in the second row next to some japanese rika fans! extreme rika fans. We had to wait for a long time. First we got to see a part of the dream momusu tour. Than yossy and rika came on the stqge! They were really suprised tjat we were chanting at a video of them and they we…

The life of a teenage j-pop fan

As most of you probably know, a jpop fan is not always accepted as he/she is. Listening to japanese music is weird, you can't understand a thing and it spunds like little children songs. Just to be clear: this is not true! Jpop can be childish( the s/mileage buu song..) but it can be very adult like 2.
The thing I enjoy most about jpop must be that most of the songs make me really happy. They ar energetic and cute, sometimes even sexy.
For hello project it must be my love for their upbeat and catchy songs. I love hello project.☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Friday 1st of July- Japan Expo & Hangry and Angry Live

Hey everyone!
Friday I went to the Japan expo in Paris and I though why not tell you a bit about what I did and saw there :)


The first day of the Japan expo! Me and my 2 friends went to the discount manga booth right away. Because we had heared that we could find the Dream Morning Musume stuff there. I wanted to buy everything, but ofcourse I didn't. I bought the Dream morning musume cd and 3 photo sets(2 from Yossy and 1 from Rika). After that we were just discovering everything on the expo. There were so many things to see! A lot of really awsome cosplayers and Japanese stuff. Later on I bought the Fantasy Juuichi cd from Morning Musume. We saw some cosplay shows, which were really really intresting. We also went to the concert of Passpo☆ (ぱすぽ☆). They were really good, the music was really really loud. But they did a good job entertaining people. I really enjoyed watching a Japanese concert. Later on we went to the main stage, to wait in line for the H. Naoto showcase. We…