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Juice=Juice released new profile pictures!

Juice=Juice released their first digital single Fiesta! Fiesta! a month ago. I don't know when this happend, but today I suddenly spotted new profile pictures in the outfits for Fiesta! Fiesta!, which means a profile picture post!
Miyazaki Yuka & Kanazawa Tomoko Both Miyazaki and Tomoko look really good in these red outfits. I am a big fan of Yuka's hair like this and she looks so thin and small in this outfit! Her hairpiece really fits her well. Tomoko looks so cheeky! I love red on her. Always will. 
Takagi Sayuki & Miyamoto Karin Sayuki looks really sweet, I don't like her necklace to much, but her ponytail is on point like always. If they had just putt in some bouncy curls.. Karin is working that pose. Jeez she looks really beautiful and sexy and I am so happy with the lenght of her hair. And those red lips!
Uemura Akari Akari looks great in red. Although she looks rather uncomfortable. Her pose is a bit forced and she doesn't look that happy. What happend gi…

Inaba Manaka returns!

Inaba Manaka announced her comeback to Hello!Project! We all remember Manaka as a member of Country Girls, who sadly had to graduate due to her astma. There had been no news on her return until today! Manaka will become a Leader-like figure for Hello!Pro Kenshuusei Hokkaido and will preform with them on the 18th of September!  She will stay in Hokkaido (Sapporo) and start her own blog! Here is the official announcement from Hello!Pro
Let's support Manaka and her group of Kenshuusei!

Morning Musume '17 released the covers for their 64th single!

Morning Musume '17 is certainly throwing their new single at us! We actually already got the covers for their upcoming single: Jama Shinaide HERE WE GO! / Dokyuu no Go Sign / Wakaindashi! As said before the single will be released in 7 version, yet there will be a special Kudo Haruka version sold by forTUNE.
Limited A Limited A is a single cover for Jama Shinaide and features the girls in the black and white outfits we saw in their profile pictures. The cover is super simple with the greyish background, but as the girls look amazing this cover actually works fine. I like how Chii and Haruka are center in this cover as the single is sort of about them. I love Harunan on this cover btw! And Kaedii is also working it. 
Limited B This is the whole other end of the spectrum isn't it? Such a colorful cover! I am a sucker for everything image color coded, so yest for this cover! I love the individual pictures (again look at that Kaedii). I see that most girls are wearing red and blue d…

Kobushi Factory released a new profile picture

Kobushi Factory changed their profile picture to now show a 6-nin Kobushi Factory. Let's support this group in these hard times.
Losing two members so suddenly in such a short time will be quite hard on them. 

Ogawa Rena has graduated Kobushi Factory and Hello!Project

Yesterday, Ogawa Rena announced she has graduated both Kobushi Factory and Hello!Project. Rena has been absent from the group since July 15, due to Anxiety neurosis. After consulting with her parents, management and her doctors, Rena decided that it would be best to graduate from Kobushi Factory, so the other members can continue as a 6-nin group. Rena will now search for new dreams and follow them with all her heart. She hopes her fans and Kobushi fans will remember once in a while that she has been part of the group.
It's really sad news to see another Kobushi member leave so soon. Rena has been struggeling with her anxiety and I hope this is the best decision for her! Let's support her and Kobushi Factory!

Morning Musume '17 released new profile pictures!

With a new single, new profile pictures are always something to look forwards to! And we didn't have to wait long for these new pictures of Morning Musume '17. These new outfits are for the upcoming single: Jama Shinaide HERE WE GO!/Dokyuu no Go Sign/ Wakaindashi! They are most likely the outfits for Jama Shinaide HERE WE GO!, yet I do not think it has been announced officially anywhere.  The outfits we got are black and white, with leather like dresses. It looks like there are two kinds of dresses, the ones with a waistline and straight dresses. Let's have a look at the solo pictures! Fukumura Mizuki & Ikuta Erina Mizuki is wearing the waistline dress with a beautiful top. I really love this version of the dress, eventhough it makes her chest looks huge and her waist well... I love her hair like this and well the top is so pretty and charming. Ikuta has the straight dress, which still looks really flattering on her. I love her hair like this and the white piece across h…

Morning Musume '17 announced their new single!

It has been announced that Morning Musume '17 will be releasing their 64th single! The single is set to release on the 4th of october and will be a triple a-side called: Jama Shinaide HERE WE GO!/Dokyuu no Go Sign/Wakaindashi! (The order of songs can be changed). The single will be released in 7 versions: 3 regular editions, 3 limited editions and one special edition. Both Jama Shinaide and Wakaindashi! are songs written by Tsunku with Kudo Haruka in mind. Jama Shinaide was wirtten after Tsunku heared Kudo's wish to graduate and Wakaindashi! will be her send off song! This single will be the first single for new transferred member Morito Chisaki, the last with Kudo Haruka and the first after Sato Masaki's return!
Ofcourse I am really excited for this release! I am looking forwards to seeing more Morito Chisaki and I am wishing for a Kudo center song (which is a given looking at Tsunku's comments). I heared somewhere some songs will be previewed today (2nd of september)…

News on Ogawa Rena

Sadly, it has been announced that Ogawa Rena will stay on Haitus for the time being. In July it was announced that Ogawa had trouble preforming due to anxiety, yet would most likely be returning around the middle of august.
Her anxiety, however, hasn't been getting any better and after consulting with the doctor, it was decided she would need a longer break to recover and feel better again. There is no news about her returning or not. Ogawa will remain on haitus and recieve treatment. Management and Staff will keep contact with the doctor to see about activities in the future.
Kobushi Factory will remain preforming as a 6 member act for the time being.  Let's all support them and Rena in this difficult periode.

Yanagawa Nanami and Danbara Ruru to join Juice=Juice's world tour!

Juice=Juice announced that Yanagawa Nanami and Danbara Ruru will join their world tour! Both members will be participating in all oversea's concerts. However, they won't be able to go to London's handshake event, due to it being to late and the girls being underaged.

Hello!Project announced New Member Auditions!

Hello!Project announced their New Member Auditions! The auditions are for girls between 9 and 17 years old, who are single and not signed with any agency. The winners could be added to any existing H!P group, a new group or to the theater section Engeki Joshibu Club! The auditions will close on the 14th of august. Website:

Ogawa Rena will go on Haitus

It was announced that Kobushi Factory's Ogawa Rena will be going on a Haitus. She will be absent until at least mid-august. Renako has been suffering from anxiety neurosis. This means Rena won't take part in the upcoming Kobushi Factory events nor in the Hello!Project summer tour.  Let's all support Rena and Kobushi Factory during these hard times.

Update on Aikawa Maho

Aikawa Maho gave an update on her status. She has been doing better and is currently at university studing Photography. From January until March, Aiai couldn't leave the house, but she is currently doing well with daily life. She is in contact with the ANGERME members and wants to stay in ANGERME. Maho, however, doesn't feel like she could handle the stress of being an idol yet, so she asks us to be patient. She won't be returning for the Angerme fall tour. After this managment, Maho, her family and doctors will speak about her returning or not.

Kobushi Factory updated their profile picture

With the termination of Fuji Rio's contract, it was only a matter of time before Kobushi Factory would update their profile picture to their new 7 member line-up.  The picture features the 7 members in their Shalala! Yareru Hazu sa outfits. They are just some individual pictures pasted togheter to form a group photo. Some thing haven't changed yet (blog header, twitter profile, youtube), but this will most likely happen in the upcoming few days. Let's support Kobushi Factory as this will be a very hard time for them.

Breaking: Fuji Rio's contract terminated!

Shocking news! Hello!Project just announced that Kobushi Factory's Sub leader Fuji Rio's contract has been terminated. This means she left the agency and won't have her graduation as planned. The official statement is that Rio did not follow the rules of her contract and has there for let go. Which rules she didn't follow, has not been stated.
This is incredibly sad news. First we get the news that Rio will be graduating during a joint Hello!Project concert and now we get the news her contract has been terminated and she won't be part of Kobushi Factory anymore... A sad day for all Kobushi Fans and other Hello!Pro fans..

Tsubaki Factory announced details for their upcoming single!

Tsubaki Factory announced the details for their 2nd major debut single! The single will be released on the 27th of July and is called: Shuukatsu Sensation/Waratte/Hana Moyou The single will be released in 7 versions (3 regular, 3 limited and 1 special edition)! These are the covers: Limited A Limited A features the girls in their Shuukatsu outfits. It's quite a nice cover with them "running". It's simple yet very cute. I love the pink line as it gives the cover color.
Limited B How can such simple covers been so beautiful? I think these are the outfits for Waratte, but it wouldn't suprise me if Hana moyou has two outfits to show (like with ANGERME's Koi nara Hajimaru). The outfits are cute, weird, yet cute. I love how white the cover is as it makes them stand out so much. 
Limited C Ahhh I love this! I love the effect and the colors! Yes for this cover and those beautiful girls!
Regular A Another simple yet cute cover for Shuukatsu. I really love how they are all…