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Kobushi Factory revealed new profile pictures!

Kobushi Factory will drop their first album on the 30th of november. Ofcourse they had to release some new profile pictures alongside this release!  So let's have a look at these outfits for Kobushi Sono Ichi So Kobushi Factory actually released two new group shots for this album. The left picture features the girls in Kyudo outfits, which a the martial art of archery in Japan. The girls all have text on their outfits in their image color.  The second outfits are casual outfits, which actually look themed by Berryz Koubou (Anata Nashi and Towa no Uta are definetly in there). I am not a big fan of these outfits, as they look tacky and quite terrible on the girls. Guess they really inherited everything from Berryz Koubou...
Fuji Rio & Hirose Ayaka
These outfits look much better without the black thing around their chests. The skirt is actually really flattering and the white looks really beautiful in contrast with their image colors. Both Leader and Sub-Leader look really nice a…

Tsubaki Factory will release a single for their upcoming play!

Several members of Tsubaki Factory (and H!P kenshuusei) will be in a play this november. The play is called Nega Poji Poji and has three teams of actors. It was announced that Tsubaki Factory will release a single with this play.
The cover is the picture at the top and this will be the tracklist: 1. Nega Poji Poji 2. Ima made ikite kite doukou 3. Tempura Tabetai 4. Ima wa Dame (Thanks to Juriken '14 for the Romaji) It is unclear if all Tsubaki member will preform the song, as only Riko, Risa, Kiki and Mizuho will be in the play. The Single is however announced as a Tsubaki Factory release.  The release date is the 7th of December.

Morning Musume '16 reveal covers for their upcoming single!

Morning Musume '16 will be releasing their 62nd on the 23th of november. Today they released the covers for the single  "Sexy Cat no Enzetsu / Mukidashi de Mukiatte / Sou Janai"!  The single will be released in 6 versions, with 2 versions (limited and regular) per a-side! Let's have a look at these covers!
Limited A This is obviously the Limited Cover for Sexy Cat! The girls are standing infront of the words Sexy Cat and the cover is mostley black and white. It's such a simple cover, yet it's nice. I really like the poses and the outfits look really good on the girls (although they doo look really shiny and sexy here). I like the cover, yet it might be a bit to simple for my tast. They are actually just photoshopped solo photo's of the girls. But because the girls look so wonderful, I like it. 
Limited B Limited B is the cover for Mukidashi. I am no fan of these outfits, especially the outfits with the long pants. The cover is again only some solo shots pu…

Morning Musume '16 reveals new group pictures!

Morning Musume revealed their new profile pictures for Sou Janai last weekend. Today they revealed more group pictures of the other two song outfits! We ofcourse already saw the outfits for Sexy Cat: Which are all black, except for our sexy cats (don't they look amazing?!).  I really love these sexy and still cute outfits and I really like the cat outfits! The black looks really good on the girls and the skirts are soo beautiful.
The picture we were all waiting for was ofcourse the one for Mukidashi de Mukiatte! tThe outfits are pink with paint spots in black and white. They have short beige jackets over them and Kudo and Honey have hats on. The outfits remind me of Brainstorming meets and ANGERME outfit. Yet I think it looks pretty nice and I really adore the song, so I can not WAIT for a MV preview!
Overall I think the outfits for this single are pretty good. They are not as beautiful as those for Tsumetai or as original as Mikaeri bijin, yet I think they are pretty nice. I like…

Hello!Project announced their 2016 Countdown Live!

Hello!Project announced their annual New Year celebration! This year the live will be held at Nakano Sun Plaza on the 31st of December. All members will participate, including C-ute! The MC's for this event are Tsugunaga Momoko and Kumai Yurina. Let's look forwards to another great countdown live!

Tsubaki Factory announced their Major Debut single!

Tsubaki Factory announced their debut back on the 4th of september. During their event on the 22nd of october they got to announce the date this will be happening! Tsubaki Factory will debut on the 22nd of Febuary with their Major Debut Single! There isn't much information other than the date, yet it's good to finally have a date!

Morning Musume '16 revealed new profile pictures!

Morning Musume '16 will be releasing their 62th single on the 23th of november and today they released the profile pictures to accompany the single! The outfits are for the a-side Sou Ja nai, a song written by Tsunku.  In the group profile picture we see a new sight, Makino Maria as center! This has been rumoured by a lot of fans and it seems to be true! The girls look really good and the outfits are really pretty. Yet they make me think of snowy versions of the Oh my Wish!
Fukumura Mizuki Leader looks flawless. The short skirt looks really good on her and her hair is really pretty. The style fits her Hime- personality. The shoes also look really nice on her and that cheeky grin in the full body picture!!
Ikuta Erina Eri suddenly grew up. She went from boyish to WOMAN. I love her longer hair and the way she poses. I might have liked a little smile or something in her hair to spice things up, but the outfit suits her.
Iikubo Haruna Iikubo looks really good. Her hair might be a little…

C-ute revealed new profile pictures!

C-ute will be releasing their next single on the 2nd of november and today they released their new profile pictures! The pictures are from the outfits they use for Singing ~Ano Koro no You Ni~. Let's have a look at them!
Yajima Maimi Can I say Maimi's hair looks really weird. Actually the whole picture is weird as she kind of blends in with her super pale skin and white dress. I adore the dress, exept for the part that goes around her neck. That looks weird. I don't know why but her hair looks really unhealthy and greasy?
Nakajima Saki Leave it to Nakki to save us. Does she looks goooood! But what am I seeing? Is she wearing pants? I am seeing some skin down below, which looks really weird. Yet I like her pose and her facial expression a lot and her hair looks soooooo glossy
Suzuki Airi I have never seen this girl not looking fab. I like her outfit and her hair is beautiful. She does pose a bit awkward and yet she is soooo stunning. White really does look good on her.
Okai Ch…