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[Breaking News] Sayashi Riho to Graduate from Morning Musume '15

9th generation member Sayashi Riho announced her graduation from Morning Musume today.  She will be graduating on the last day of 2015, along with the name Morning Musume '15.  Riho will stay in Hello!Project and focus on studing abroad and dancing. 
Omg. OMG. This isn't happening... Well it is. The Ace of Morning Musume will be graduating after almost 5 years.  This is so sad. And what's even more sad: I knew this was coming. I have been saying for about a year, a bit more, that Riho wasn't happy and that she wanted to dance more. And now she is graduating...  Oh gosh. Who will be the ultimate center? What will happen to RihoRiho?!!
And she won't be graduating during a Momusu concert, but during the countdown to 2016.. So sad...
I hope she will be happy..
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ANGERME released the covers for their upcoming single!

ANGERME announced their new single some time ago and today we got the covers! There are six editions, with 3 limited and 3 regular.  Let's have a look at them!
Limited A Regular A has the outfits for Desugita Kui wa Utarenai. I don't really like the outfits, but this cover is pretty fab. I really love how everyone looks, although Take looks kinda meh. Maro and Rikako look absolutly beautiful. I quite like the red and black bar, it makes the cover interesting. 
Limited B It might suprise you this cover is for Dondengaeshi. Just joking. This cover needs only two words to describe it: Blue and Legs. The outfits are quite nice and they look really pretty. Their legs, gosh those legs. I want such legs. Kanon does look extremly small next to Aya and Rikako, which makes her look squized in. The cover is really nice.
Limited C How cute is this cover. Kanon's solo Watashi is the main track on this one. I really adore the colors and she looks so sweet. I don't really like the loli…

C-ute announced their 9th album!

C-ute announced their 9th album during their concert today! Their last album was released over two years ago, so it was about time we got something new!
There is not much information about the album, but they did preform a song that will be on there, which is called Iron Heart. The album will release on the 23th of december. 

Morning Musume '15 release the Event V covers for their 59th single.

It has been a while since Morning Musume '15 released their 59th single. And now they finally released the covers of the Event V's! Let's have a look at them.  First up is the cover for Oh My Wish!. It's quite a nice cover. Every girls has they own sorta window and looks really fab. I kinda like the theme, although I might have liked it better with a splash of color. Maybe Red?
This is the Event V for Sukkato my Heart and dang is it cute. I really adore every shot (Sakura and Duu look Beautiful). It's quite a normal cover, but I like the color and the lighting. 
The Event V for Imasugu Tobikomu Yuuki is a pretty normal one. It's a normal group shot with some decoration. I actually quite like it. I love the colors and I adore the decoration. 
Overall the Event V's are quite simple, but do showcase the group and look nice. 

ANGERME announced a new album!

During the same broadcast as their new single announcement, ANGERME announced a new album! The album will be a selection album called: S/mileage / ANGERME SELECTION ALBUM 「Taiki Bansei」 The album will be released on the 25th of november and will be Fukuda Kanon's last album.'
The album will be release in three editions: Regular Limited A (with a Blu-Ray with member selected MVs and Live footage) Limited B (with a concert from their Start Live Tour Sping 2015)

ANGERME announced their new single!

ANGERME announced their new single!  Actually they announced it last week, but I am a little bit late to the party... Anyway the single will be another triple a-side, called: Desugita kui wa utarenai/Donden Gaeshi/Watashi This will be Fukuda Kanon's last single and for the occasion she wrote a song called Watashi. The single will be released on the 11th of november. Let's look forwards to their new single!

C-ute reveal covers for their next single

C-ute has finally released the covers for their new single! Let's have a look at them.
Regular A I adore this cover. The outfits are for Arigatou~Mugen no Yell~. I love how it looks like the cover was done outside and the blue makes it really beautiful and light. I really adore the style they are going with. The white and blue are really fresh and gosh does Airi look amazing <3!
Regular B Regular B is for Arashi wo Okosunda Exiting Fight~The outfits are all white and I don't know but the red kinda makes it heavy. I do love how Airi looks again  (chisa hair makes me wanna cry). I think I would have adored this cover if the name would have been in blue. I do love the reflection of the girls on the floor.
Limited A Limited A is a really lovely cover. The close-ups are fabulous and I love the kinda neutral look the girls have. This cover is really attractive, because it's so simple and beautiful
Limited B Limited B is again a very light cover. I kinda like the whole white them…