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S/mileage announced their new single, title and release date!

S/mileage announced their new single! Tsunku already talked about it, but now it is officially announced! It is again a double a-side and the title is: Aa Susukino/ Chikyuu wa Kyou mo Ai wo Hagukumu The single will be released on the 20th of August.

C-ute releases the covers for their 25th single

C-ute released the covers for their 25th single: The Power/Kanashiki Heaven (Single ver.). There are 6 editions, let's have a look at them! Limited A Limited A has the girls in their The Power outfits. Eventhough I don't like the outfits, this cover is pretty alright. I like the bohemian feel of it. Airi looks like a dork, in a cute way. I do thing the green big letters are a bit much.
Limited B I adore this cover! It's so cool and tastfull. i love how simpel it is. You can see the titles very good and their group name is really big. All the girls look extremely good and sexy. This fits my idea for Kanashiki Heaven perfectly!
Limited C Limited C has again a bit of bohemian feel to it. I really love How Chisato looks, she stand out for me so much! I like how bit the name is, althought I would have choosen a diffrent font. Mai and Saki look somewhat weird and the cover is very busy.
Limited D Beautiful, just beautiful! I love the color of this cover, it's so calming and ele…

AKB48 releases the name of their 37th single.

AKB48 announced the name of their 37th single! The single has Watanabe Mayu as it center because she won the AKB48 37th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo. The title is: Kokoro no Placard. It will be released on the 27th of August.

Girls Beat!! released the cover for their first single!

Kago Ai's girls group Girls Beat!! released the cover for their first single Sekai Seifuku!  It's a simple cover with all the members on it and 4 globes. Overall the cover is not really exiting, but not bad either. Top left is Kago-chan in blue, next is Kita Remi in red and Himeno Hirona is in pink.  The group will release their single on the 22th of July.

C-ute releases two LQ previews of the covers for their new single!

Here we see previews of C-ute new single covers! Regular a+b are shown in this preview. Left is regular A and it's has the oufits from The Power. The right cover (regular b) is from Kanashiki Heaven (single ver.). I like regular B, for what I can see now.

C-ute has new profile pictures!

C-ute released their new profile pictures with the outfits for their new single! Let's have a look at them and begin with the group pictures above. Left are the outfits for The Power, they are zigzagy, colorful and with white vests. The right is for Kanashiki Heaven (single ver.) They are black and white and more classy.  The solo profile pictures are from the Power, but I can already tell I like the Kanashiki Heaven outfits a lot more. But let's have a look! Yajima Maimi LEGS!! Well i think that's the one thing I love about these outfits, they really show of the legs and those shoes <3 but the outfit is a bit meh to me. If the top and pants would be just pink, or black I would have loved it, but this is a bit to much. They do show of her figure great, but the white vest kinda undo's that. Nakajima Saki In the left picture her outfit looks like a dress, and I kinda like it that way. Maimi's legs look a lot better in this ouftis, and why are they not showing Nakky…

S/mileage's new single announced!

Tsunku just tweeted that S/mileage is rehearsing the new song and they started filming the MV for it! This is great news for S/mileage who will have their Budokan concert in just a month. Let's hope we will get a release date and a title soon. 

Morning Musume '14's Autumn tour has been announced!

It might be a bit early, but Morning Musume '14 announced their Autumn tour!
We all know they announce it this early because Michishige Sayumi will be graduating this tour.  There are 2 (!!) Budokan concerts on the Schedule for now and a concert in New York.  The title of this tour will be: Morning Musume. '14 Concert Tour Aki GIVE ME MORE LOVE ~Domo Sayumi Sotsugyou Kinen Special~ I'm really suprised about the title! It sounds like the Ai Believe tour and the Give me Ai song. I do Hope Morning Musume will release a new album before Sayumi graduates and this might be a hint to a title.  Anyway: Congratulations to Morning Musume. '14 with another two Budokan concerts!

New video's of the 21st gen. Hello Pro Kenshuusei!

The newest H!P Kenshuusei got some introduction video's up!  We get to know the girls a little bit more through this! Here they are: Aikawa Maho
Nickname: AiAi
Favorite song: Uchouten LOVE
Looks up to: Hagiwara Mai
Takemura Miu
Nickname: Miu
Favorite song: Help me!
Looks up to: Oda Sakura
Saito Kana Nickname: Kanappe
Favorite song: Renai Hunter
Looks up to: Kudo Haruka

Berryz Koubou have a new Best Selling Single!

Berryz Koubou ended 4th on the weekly Oricon Chart! This is great but this also means they have a new best selling single! Congratulations Berryz Koubou!

C-ute's 25th single has a name!

C-ute's new single has been announced for sometimes now and it will release pretty soon (16th of July). But there was no name for the single, just that it would (again) be a double a-side. But now we have a title: The Power/ Kanashiki Heaven (Single ver.) What a surprise! Kanashiki Heaven is back?! We already had Kanashiki Heaven on two other singles and it even had two MV's! And now it's back for a single version? A bit unoriginal, but hey If Tsunku wants it to be a single, he must have done something special with it!  The Power sounds like a love child between That's the Power and the Manpower, so I wonder what that song will be like. I really hope C-ute has another great single and I hope redoing Kanashiki Heaven (again), eventhough it's a great song, won't pull this single down. But I do think the Airi and Chisato lead will be glorious once again.

Juice=Juice has new profile pictures!

I have been waiting for this moment: Juice=Juice finally got new profile pictures! They are wearing the oufits for Black Butterfly! And wow do they look amazing! The first moment I saw these oufits, this came to mind:
Shugo Chara! Now let's have a look at the outfits and ofcourse our girls! Miyazaki Yuka Leader looks amazing. Very cute! I love the red butterfly on her shoe and damn do I love her hair down <3. I love the pattern on her dress. She look absolutly stunning.
Kanazawa Tomoko I always think Tomoko looks best. She is just so beautiful, look at her hair <3 I love how her dress is just slightly diffrent from Yuka's. I really love the pattern on the dress, it make the dress so elegant.
Takagi Sayuki I don't know why but I always have he feeling Sayuki doesn't have that much hair. Mm, she is channeling her inner Reina. I like the dress, but I just think she looks very uncomfortable... Could just be me.
Miyamoto Karin Girl stop cutting your hair. I hate her hair…

Watanabe Mayu wins AKB48's 6th general elections!

Watanabe Mayu wins AKB48's 6th Senbatsu event! She will be the center of the 37th single of AKB48! Congratulations Mayuyu! On second place we have Sayashi Rino, last years winner.

Kago Ai's group has finally been revealed!

Quite some time ago Kago Ai started searching for members for her new idol group.  The auditions started in october of last year and now  Kago Ai's group has finally been revealed! They are called Girls Beat!! and there are three members including Kago Ai herself! The other members are Kita Remi (winner of the audition) and Himeno Ryona (Runner up of the audition). Remi is the left girl (In red) and Ryona is the right girl (in pink). 
Kago Ai Kago Ai is a former member of Morning Musume and W. She left H!P due to a scandal (she was caught smoking underaged two times and dating a 37 year old man). She has released some solo work (Photobook, dvds, singles and albums) and is married and has a little daugther.  In October of 2013 Kago announced she was searching girls to join her in a new idol group. Kago Ai is currently 26 years old! Blog Twitter
Kita Remi Kita Remi has been a AKIABARA Backstage pass member and was known by Kaga Remi. She is 22 years old.  She won the first part of the …