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Morning Musume's 12th generation auditions announced

Today at the first concert of the Michishige 11 Soul concert tour, it was announced that Morning Musume is once again holding auditions for new members.
The auditons are called: Morning Musume 12k member~Mirai Shoujo~ Audition.
Application requirements:
- Female, Age 10 till 17
- Application deadline: 30th of April 2013

Tsunku came on stage to announce the 12th generation auditions. The girls look really suprised (once again). It's kinda funny, yesterday I was thinking about the 11th gen auditions. They were announced at the beginning of the last spring tour right? So I was like: How funny would it be if there would be another audition announcement. AND it happend. I'm really happy Tsunku keeps adding girls to Morning Musume. It keeps everything so fun and amazing. But on the other hand, auditions usually mean graduations. Sakura-chan was added because Tanaka was leaving. Does this mean next spring we will have Sayumi leaving or even worse (sorry sayu..) one of the Kyuukies/J…

Happy B-day Sakura and Kanon

Today is the birthday of Morning Musume's newest member Oda Sakura and one of the founding members of S/mileage Fukada Kanon.

Sakura-chan became 14 today. It is her first birthday as a Morning Musume member. I hope she will enjoy it and have a great day!

Kanyon became 18 today! She is growing up so fast. In my country she is an adult now. I hope she is having a great day with the s/mileage members.

Happy Birthday to both purple girls <3

Happy B-day LinLin

It's a day late, but still: HAPPY Birthday Linlin <3
I hope she had a wonderful day.
(with chisato <3)

two years since the tsunami in Japan

Today, two years ago, was the tsunami in Japan.
It has been two years and Japan still has scars. The tsunami was horrible, people died, people lost their homes. As someone from Europe I felt quite helpless. Donating money, singing songs to show the people we care. It must have been a difficult time for the people of Japan.  Today, there will be several rememberance ceremonies. I hope Japan never has to deal with something like this again and that one day their scars will be healed.  Ganbarre Japan <3

HKT48- Hatsukoi Butterfly

Title: Hatsukoi Butterfly
Group: HKT48
Year: 2012
Single: Eien Pressure- AKB48

I really really liked this song and MV. The song is happy, cute and very energetic. The MV has a story line (a young boy falls for Meru, a friend of his sister, and draws a butterfly and Meru). The dance- shot is very cute and the moves make it even more cute. I love the dresses they wear.
I was surpised to find Meru in Center and the only one with a solo line. She has the main role in the story line too. She is only a kenkyusei and she is center of a song. I think that's quite amazing.
I can recommand this song to everyone who like cute and happy. It's a nice spring/summer listen.

AKB48- A group I'm about to discover

Today I decided to download some AKB48 songs.
I'm really curious about this group, but they are with so many... So I never really got in to them.
But I was thinking and when I first started liking Morning Musume, I though I would never know who is who and now I do know! So I wanna give AKB48 a chance and download their latest 2 singles.
These singles are:  Eien Pressure and So Long!
I'm really exited about one of the songs on Eien Pressure preformed by HKT48: Hatsukoi Butterfly.
One of their kenkyusei members is Tashima Meru and she got my attention.
I'll update once I get the hang of AKB48 <3

S/mileage- Tabidachi no Haru ga Kita MV released

Today the MV for S/mileage's new sinlge Tabidachi no Haru ga Kita was released.
It was uploaded on their Youtube channel around 21 pm in Japan.
The Mv is very light and beautiful.
There are three diffrent shots: Dance-shot, Close- up shot and In a room with a chair-shot.
This is the song name shot and It's super pretty. I love the blue sky and the spring feeling it gives. The dance shot- Lots of white and a bed in the background
Kanon solo chair shot Meimi solo chair-shot
Kana, Akari and Rina solo Chair shots and some Kana dancing Dawa Solo chair-shot
Kana, Akari and Rina Kanon, Meimi and Ayaka
Kana playing hide and seek Meimi and Ayaka Bridge dance part 
Bridge singing part and some walking More walking  More 

Curtains Dawa
Singing and opening curtains

Satoumi and units announced

Today at the Satoyama event Fore for rest, a new Sato-movement was announced: Satoumi.
This movement will focus on the ocean, while Satoyama has a focus on the forest and mountains.
It was also announced that Satoumi would have three units (might be more to come):
Dia Lady- Suzuki Airi and Sugaya Risako
Melon Quad- Yajima Maimi, Tokunaga Chinami, Natsuyaki Miyabi and Okai Chisato
Plumeria- Nakajima Saki, Hagiwara Mai, Fukada Kanon, Ishida Ayumi and Ikuta Erina
It's quite weird that there are a lot of members who were also in the Satoyama units. Melon Quad had 3 members of DIY <3 and Plumeria got one DIY <3 member and 2 Harvest members. But I'm really exited for these units. The Satoyama units were really great. The songs and MV were amazing, so I really hope the best for these new units.
I hope this doesn't mean the end for DIY<3 and Harvest, because I really loved both units and songs. But Green Fields and Peaberry are releasing new songs, so it might be the same for…