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C-ute revealed the covers of their new single!

C-ute released the covers for their new single: I miss you/ THE FUTURE. So let's have a look at them!
Limited A Oh this is a great cover! I love how they are positioned. The outfits look simple, but very classy. And the diamond about C-ute is just amazing. Very elegant. Everyone looks great and the setting just finishes this cover so perfectly.
Limited B Oh this looks very diffrent! Futuristisc, which was expected. I really like how they look an the feathers make is to cute and soft. I really like this cover! Simple but awsome.
Limited C The awsome covers are not going to stop, are they? Oh this one is also very elegant!! Urgh I love the curls around I miss you, so beautiful. All the girls look awsome!
Limited D OH BUTTERFLIES!! Ah the outfits look like Love take it all, but somewhat more pearl like. They do look really good and the butterflies are so cute. I really like how they did the name C-ute here! It's very cute and fits the cover. 
Regular A Ah very simple, but very effect…

Suzuki Kanon to get her own radio show

Suzuki Kanon announced on her blog that she will have her own radio show on CBC! She will replace Sayumi's show. She said on her blog she will start in december. Please look forwards to it!
Congratulations KANON <3 I am so happy she gets this oppertunity! 

Girls' Beat!! suspends activities for now.

It was announced that Kago Ai's girls group Girls Beat!! will suspend activiteis for now. The reason is that the police officials issued an arrest warrant for Kago's husband.  All the activities for the group are put on hold for now. Their agency says they don't know if the group will remain active or not. It all depends on the arrest.
I am so sad about this news. Aibon has already had to endure so much. I really hope the best for her and the other two girls. I hope Girls Beat!! can move past this and go on.

C-ute's 26th single got a name!

C-ute's 26th single, which will be release in just a month, has got a name! I miss you/ THE FUTURE It's good news that it is a double A-side again! Congrats C-ute.
To me the first song sounds like a farwell song from them to Berryz Koubou. I think it will be quite ballad like and sad. I kinda hope they will sing it during Berryz Koubou's last concert or something. THE FUTURE makes me think of the power, but is probably the song that will get them going after Berryz leave. I can't wait for both songs and I think they will be awsome!

C-ute announced their 26th single

C-ute announced their 26th single! Actually, they announced it some time ago, but I totally missed it. They will release their 26th single on the 19th of november. There isn't any other information about it, but I don't think it will take long before we will get more info!

S/mileage revealed the cover for their Budokan concert dvd/blu-ray

I don't usually post about covers for dvd's or blu-rays unless they are amazing. And that is exactly why I am posting about it today. S/mileage had their first (and last) Budokan concert this year. Now that they are changing their name and they got new members, this is quite a historical release.  The cover is so amamzing! I love how simpel and clean the cover is, but still very cool. I love the transpart kinda picture in the middle of them in budokan and the sort of Ready look they have.  I love how their title is so simple and small. It shows S/mileage and not just the title. I like how creative it is and I think this is a glorious cover.  Please keep support S/mileage! Even when they change!

Get ready for Michishige Sayumi's Graduation

Within 39 days Michishige Sayumi will graduate from Morning Musume.  The longest serving member and the 8th leader of Morning Musume. It's only natural she is getting such a big send off and still everything for her is in such big proportions! The start of it all is ofcourse their latest single in which she got an A-side and a song dedicated to her.  Shabadabadoo tells her story and is very Sayumi.  Mikaeri bijin is her farwell song. All the members sing about her and how she is leaving.  I love the full version because of the letters and her last letter to the fans. The perfect send off, but also a preview of what Morning Musume without her will be like.  And we have this little gem. We get to see so much footage of all the concerts Sayumi has been part of. All of her friends, happy moments and sad moments. 
I honestly can say that I will miss Sayumi a lot. But as I watched the New year preformance of Onna to Otoko no Lullaby game and Mikan, I can totally understand her decision…

Yajima Maimi to become the next H!P Leader!

It was announced that Yajima Maimi will become the next H!P leader when Michishige Sayumi graduates! The job would be Shimizu Saki's if she wouldn't be graduating with all Berryz Koubou members in the Spring of 2015. Maimi said that she wants to sort of be co-leader with Shimizu until she graduates. Sayumi thinks Maimi will do great as the next leader, eventhough it might get hard with so many new members and Berryz Koubou going on indefinite Haitus. 

Morning Musume '14 revealed the covers of their upcoming album!

Today Morning Musume released the covers of their long awaited 14th album: 14 shou ~the message~ They were released on their own special website for their 57th single, 14th album and Michishige's graduation: Click So let's have a look at the covers: Regular edition The regular edition really seems kinda regular. The outfits make me think of Platinum 9 meets their last coupling album. It's not really creative and I don't think everyone looks their best. The colors on the background kinda make i t look cheap, which is a pity. I do like the way they did the title.
Limited A That's a long cover! But I quite like this one. Ayumi looks like such a boss. The only weird thing about this cover is Sayumi. She kinda looks as if she was pasted in. All the other girls look good and very cool. I kinda like the background cause it fits the theme.
Limited B This cover is not bad. It's kinda classy and well not that special. I think everyone looks quite alright and the setting is …

S/mileage needs a new name!

Now that S/mileage has new members, they are asking their fans to think of a new group name for them. S/mileage has a site for this: Click Here you can find all the information about a new name and about the current (and new) members! The deadline is the 31st of october! Please send in your suggestions and support 9nin S/mileage (for as long as this is their name)

S/mileage announced their 3rd gen members!

S/mileage just announced their 3rd generation! There are three new girls: Murota Mizuki June 12, 1998 (16) Murotan
Sasaki Rikako May 28, 2001 (13) Rikako Miyagi
Aikawa Maho March 26, 1999 (15) Aiai Kanagawa
This generation is prefect. I love all the girls so much! I'm really happy Murotan finally gets to debut! And Rikako, I was so scared that H!P would lose her if she didn't get in Momusu or S/mileage. And Maho! The Japanese beautiful! I'm happy, just very happy.

Berryz koubou revealed the details for their 36th single

Berryz Koubou revealed the details for their 36th single "Romance no Katatte/ Towa no Uta". We already knew that the single will be released at the end of November, but they now released the new profile pictures, covers and another detail: This will be their last single. This is very unexpected news, since they won't be graduating till Spring 2015, which should leave enough space for another single (maybe even two). But sadly Tsunku announced this as their last single.  Let's hope it will be an amazing single and for another album!
Profile pictures The group picture looks glorious! I love all the white and the subtile black! All the girls look amazing. I think this is such a great profile picture, so much better than the "casual" outfits. Shimizu Saki Captain has such an amazing outfit. I love her hair piece! She looks very model like and I love how her dress is off one shoulder. It makes her delicate. I love her expression!
Tsugunaga Momoko Momoko looks so sw…

Hello!Pro Kenshuusei to release first album!

At today's Morning Musume concert it was announced that Hello!Pro Kenshuusei will release their first album! It will release in December!
This is great nieuws for the Hello!Pro Kenshuusei! They already released a few singles, so it's great to see them releasing even more. I can't wait to see if there will be more songs on it and what those songs will be!  Right now I think the singles will be on there and their latest songs: 1. Ten made Nobore 2. Oheso no Kuni Kara Konnichi wa! 3. Crying 4. Seishun beat wa 16 5. Koi Shitai Shinto 6. Table Seki Aitetemo Counter Seki