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Hinafest news!

It was announced in a new Hinafest video that C-ute will be joining the shuffle groups! Yajima Maimi will be joining Yanagawa Nanami and Ikuta Erina. Suzuki Airi will join Akiyama Mao. Okai Chisato will be joining Nakanishi Kana, Taguchi Natsumi & Nomura Minami. Nakajima Saki will join Ogawa Rena, Asakura Kiki, Ono Mizuho & Sasaki Rikako. Hagiwara Mai will be joining Haga Akane, Wada Ayaka, Hamaura Ayano, Kaga Kaede & Onoda Saori.
It is really nice to see that these members get another chance to sing with their senpai's!

Sato Masaki will return on the 18th of March!

Sato Masaki announced her return! She will start her activities again on the 18th of March, but will be taking it easy. Maachan has been training for the last few weeks, while her family and management weren't that into her jumping into activities again, Maachan sees it as a challange.
Happy to hear Maachan will be returning! Let's hope she will stay healthy! Source:

Kago Ai gave birth!

Kago Ai gave birth to a healthy baby boy! He was born on the 23th of febuary! Congratulations to Aibon and her husband!

Juice=Juice announced their 9th single!

Juice=Juice announced their new single! The single will be released on the 26th of April and is a double A-side. This single will be their 9th single and is (for now) called: Jidanda Dance/Feel!Kanjiru yo The order of songs can still change and I don't know if the Kanji is translated right (Still working on my knowledge of Kanji). The single will be released in 5 version: 2 limited editions, 2 regular editions and one special edition. Congratulations to Juice=Juice! Source:

Ishikawa Rika announced her marriage!

Ishikawa Rika announced that she will get married on the 31st of March.  Rika has been dating Nogami Ryoma (a professional baseball player) since 2014. Congratulations to Rika and her fiancee!

Morning Musume '17 announced their new tv show!

Morning Musume '17 announced they will have their own tv show on TV Tokyo! The show is called Tokugi☆Saikenshou Momusu DE Gozaru! and will be about the skills the girls say they have. These skills will be tested during the program. The first episode will air on the 8th of March, but it is not know if there will be more than one episode. Let's look forwards to more information!

Morning Musume '17 revealed the covers for their upcoming single!

Morning Musume '17 will release their new single on the 8th of March, which is only in a few weeks and they are releasing more information about it so fast now! This single will be released in 5 versions and here are the covers!
Limited A Limited A is obviously for BRAND NEW MORNING and what the hell XD. Okay I see what they are going for with this militairy theme, but this is just a weird cover. I do like seeing Ogata in front though and the 17 looks really really awsome. Not a big fan though.
Limited B This is quite a nice cover. Jealousy Jealousy has white outfits, so this white cover looks really nice. Although it makes me wonder if these are leftover shots from Oh My Wish, as Haachin, Miki and Maria look the same. Same hairstyle and everything. Kaede is giving us the death stare. It's quite a nice cover, I do like it, but gosh someone else should be doing their hair and choosing the solo shots.
Regular A Yes, this is a nice cover. I am all for them posing in the MV place. I…

Morning Musume '17 released their new profile pictures!

Today is a big day for Morning Musume '17 fans! As they didn't only upload the MV to BRAND NEW MORNING, but they also revealed new profile pictures and covers! Let's get right in! The top picture are the new outfitss for Jealousy Jealousy. They seem white outfits, with big shirt like tops and cure white skirts. Sadly the pciture isn't to clear, but they look really pretty. 
Fukumura Mizuki & Ikuta Erina Both leader and sup-leader look really pretty. I do think Mizuki looks a bit weird, her facial expression is as if she was told to looks a bit shocked. Eripon looks really really cool. I love her longer hair and gosh does her waist look thin. 
Iikubo Haruna & Ishida Ayumi Harunan's long hair looks really good on an outfits like this and Ayumi with a curly ponytail is my weakness. She rocks this hairstyle so much and that cheeky smile. 
Kudo Haruka & Oda Sakura These two, their combination, it's another weakness of mine. Haruka does look a bit weird and…

Bitter & Sweet announced their Major Debut!

Bitter & Sweet announced their Major Debut! Tasaki Asahi and Hasagawa Moemi formed their duo in late 2013 and released three indie singles and one indie mini album. They hadn't released anything since december of 2015. On the 17th of May Bitter & Sweet will release: Shiawase ni Naritai。/ Shashin ni wa Nokoranai Shuuto.  There will be two editions: limited and regular. 
Congratulations to Bitter & Sweet on their Major Debut! A big step for their future!

ANGERME announced their Budokan concert!

ANGERME will start their new tours in March and now announced they will end them with a Budokan concert!  On the 15th of May they wll hold a concert at Nippon Budokan! For now the concert is still unnamed. Congratulations to ANGERME! This will also be Kasahara Momona's first time preforming there!

Morning Musume '17 announced details for their upcoming single!

Morning Musume '17 announced more details for their upcoming single! Their 63th single will be released on the 8th of March and has been announced as: BRAND NEW MORNING/ Jealousy Jealousy There will be 5 version, two limited, two regular and one special edition. On the special edition will also be two b-sides: Morning Misoshiro & Get You! Morning Misoshiro is the song for Morning Musume's miso soup collab and Get You! is a collab song with HKT48's Sashihara Rino (as Sashining Musume).  On the Special Edition will be the dance shots of the two a-side songs and the MV for Morning Misoshiro. And it seems that Tsunku has worked on Jealousy Jealousy! Let's hope for a great release!

ANGERME announced details for their upcoming tours!

ANGERME announced more details on their upcoming tours. They will hold a Hall tour and Live House tour from the 5th of march until the 7th of may. For now they announced 6 live house concerts and 5 hall concerts. The Live House tour is called: ANGERME Live Tour Spring 2017 ~Rin~ The Hall tour is: ANGERME Spring Concert Tour 2017 ~Kawarumono Kawaranaimono~ Let's hope for two amazing tours and ofcourse that Aikawa Maho will be back healthy and happy!

C-ute revealed the title of their upcoming single!

C-ute finally announced the title of their final single. The release date was announced yesterday as the 29th of March and now we have a title! It's a triple a-side with the title: To Tomorrow/Final Squall/The Curtain Rises  Final Squall has already been preformed, yet the other two songs are still total suprises! They however do all sound like goodbye songs, or at least we are moving on songs... It's really sad to see C-ute announce the release details of their final single. Let's make their last moments count!

Tsugunaga Momoko will release her last photobook!

Country Girls' Playing Manager Tsugunaga Momoko will release one final photobook before her graduation this spring.  The photobook will be released on her 25th birthday, which is on the 6th of March. ' The photobook is called; Momochi I am happy Momoko still gets to release a photobook before she leaves for her normal life.

C-ute reveals new release date for last single!

C-ute finally revealed the new released date for their last single.
The single was suppose to be released on the 22nd of March, but was postponed due to production issues. Now the single finally has a new release date: 29th of March
The MV recordings for one of the songs has already been done with a lot of fans. They wore t-shirts with FINAL SQUALL on them and a song with the same name has been preformed during their diner show, so this might be one of the a-sides.

Hello!Pro Hinafest 2017 sub-units announced!

This year Hello!Project will again have a Hinafest! This years Hinafest will be on the 25th and 26th of March and as every year sub-units have been announced! The girls did a lotery and the winners will preform solo or in smaller shuffle units! Let's have a look at the outcome of this year:
First show 25th of March Solo Kanazawa Tomoko (Juice=Juice)
Shuffle (2nin) Ikuta Erina (MM'17) & Yanagawa Nanami (Country Girls)
Second show 25th of March Solo Akiyama Mao (Tsubaki Factory)
Shuffle (3nin)
Nakanishi Kana (ANGERME), Nomura Minami, Tachugi Natsumi (Both Kobushi Factory)
First Show 26th of March Solo Kamikokuryou Moe (ANGERME)
Shuffle (4nin)

Ogawa Rena (Kobushi Factory), Asakura Kiki & Ono Mizuho (Both Tsubaki Factory), Sasaki Rikako (ANGERME)
Second Show 26th of March  Solo Yokoyama Reina (MM'17)
Shuffle (5nin)