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ANGERME released new profile pictures!

ANGERME will be releasing their new single on the 23th of June! The single is a triple a-side single called: Ai Sae Areba Nanni mo Iranai/ Namida Iro no Ketsui/ Majokko Megu-chan Sadly Aikawa Maho will still be on Haitus during the release of this single, so she won't be part of it. Let's have a look at these new outfits!
The outfits are not yet confirmed for Ai Sae or Namida Iro, but I think it's for Ai Sae. THe outfits are red and have two different versions, the two piece and the one piece. 
Wada Ayaka and Nakanishi Kana Dawa is wearing a two piece and gosh she look beautiful. I love her long hair in combination witht eh red. I think this outfit really suits her and I love the color of her lips.  Kanana has the one piece and looks absolutely beautiful in it. I love her hairstyle like this and gosh is it just me or does she look super thin?
Takeuchi Akari and Katsuta Rina Both Akari and Rina are wearing the two piece version of the outfit, yet Akari's outfit is slightl…

Kobushi Factory released new profile pictures!

Kobushi Factory also released new profile pictures! These are the outfits for Shalala! Yareru Hazu sa. The outfits are mainly a skirt or pants with black and white stripes with a glittery stars top and a white jacket. 
Fuji Rio Our graduating subleader looks AMAZING. I love her hairstyle and the color and the jacket looks really pretty on her. I am so happy she looks this pretty in her possible last profile picture. 
Hirose Ayaka Urgh I am so mad at management that they gave her an outfit that make Ayaka look big. Ayaka is such a beauty and yet they gave her these outfits. 
Nomura Minami Minamina looks really pretty in her skirt and I love her hair like this. She could have looked a little bit happier, but overall this is quite a nice picture. This outfit looks good on her petite frame.
Ogawa Rena Rena always looks amazing. Her pose might be a bit boring and her expression a bit stale, but she is so pretty and I love her hairstyle. 
Hamaura Ayano Hama-chan has these pants on that look ama…

Kobushi Factory released the covers for their upcoming single!

Kobushi Factory will be releasing their 4th single on the 14th of July. This single will be their first double a-side single since their debut: Shalala! Yareru Hazu sa/Ee ja nai ka Ninja nai ka The single will be released in 5 versions, 2 regular, 2 limited and 1 special edition.
Regular a The regular A is for shalala! and has the girls in white jackets and with microphones. It is quite nice that the background (eventhough it's ugly) actually matches the skirts and pants the girls are wearing. The pictures of the girls aren't actually not that nice, I only like Rena's a lot and Ayaka and Rio are nice. not the best cover. Rena really looks like Oda Sakura here.
Regular B Oh my, I didn't think they could top the last covere in terribleness, but they did. that background is terrible and the neon title is so tacky. the girls however do look quite nice. 
Limited A Okay this cover is a lot better. I like how we get to see the girls fully and the setting is quite nice. It might …

Fuji Rio announced her graduation

Kobushi Factory's sub-leader Fuji Rio announced her graduation. Rio stated that she loves being in Kobushi Factory, yet she also has another dream.  She will be working hard to become a nurse or a teacher and in order to achieve this dream, she will graduted this coming summer.  She will graduating during the Hello!Pro Summer concert from both Kobushi Factory and Hello!Project. Let's wish Rio every luck in her future, because her dream is really something to admire. Let's also support her until her last day and beyond!

ANGERME announced details for their upcoming single!

ANGERME announced more details for their upcoming single! The songs are: Ai Sae Areba Nanni mo Iranai/ Namida Irono Ketsui/ Majokko Megu-chan ANGERME will be covering Majokko Megu-chan for Aidorusai 2017 ~Idol Matsuri~, which is the same event as they covered Mahou Tsukai Sally for! The single will be released in 7 versions: 3 regular editions, 3 limited editions and 1 special edition. It was sadly also announced that Aikawa Maho will not be participating in this single, as she is still on leave due to her medical condition.

New Hello!Pro Kenshuusei section announced!

During today's Hello!Pro Kenshuusei Recital, it was announced that a new section has been created. This section of Kenshuusei will mostly focus on acting in musical through Engeki Joshibu. It was also announced that Takase Kurumi and Kiyono Momohime will be part of this new section. More details have yet to be announced.

Inoue Hikaru is the new leader of Hello!Pro Kenshuusei!

During today's Hello!Pro Kenshuusei Recital, it was announced that 19th generation member Inoue Hikaru will be the new leader of the Kenshuusei! Congratulations to Hikaru! She is the first offical leader since Noto Arisa, as Kaneko Rie proclaimed herself leader.

Hello!Pro Kenshuusei Recital 2017 results!

Today was the day Hello!Pro Kenshuusei had their annual public ability test! This year "Hello! Project Kenshuusei Happyoukai 2017 ~Haru no Koukai Jitsuryoku Shindan Test~" was for the 5th time and had Yajima Maimi, Nakajima Saki and Kumai Yurina as guest judges! Let's skip to the winners!
Public Vote: Danbara Ruru (548 votes)
Runner up: Kawamura Ayano
Singing Award: Inou Hikaru & Yamazaki Yuhane
Dance Award: Horie Kizuki & Maeda Kokoro
Character Award: Successor of Hagiwara Mai Hashisako Rin
Congratulations to all the girls!