[Breaking] Wada Ayaka announces graduation

Hello!Project's and ANGERME's leader Wada Ayaka announced her graduation. She will be graduating at the end of ANGERME's Spring tour of 2019. Wada Ayaka is one of the longest serving Hello!Project members as the only 1st generation member of S/mileage/ANGERME and Hello!pro Egg's first generation still part of Hello!Project. Ayaka says she has been thinking about it for about a year. She will do her best for her last year as a member.
Eventhough Ayaka has been a member of Hello!Project for so long, this announcement is so suprising. Especially since she won't be graduating for over a year.  One way or the other, I hope Ayaka gets to do what ever she wants with her life, as she has been giving is so much from hers.

[BREAKING] Ogata Haruna announces graduation

It was announced that Morning Musume's 12th generation member Ogata Haruna will be graduating from Morning Musume and Hello!Project. Ogata will graduate at the end of Morning Musume '18's Spring Tour at Nippon Budokan on June 20th.
It was stated that she wants to focus on her education as she didn't get into University last year. Ogata wants to do a special program and Idol activities do not fit into something like that. 
O My God. I can not believe a 12th generation member is already leaving! This is such sad news. Yet it is really amazing that Ogata choose the path for herself! Education is important. Let's support her and Morning Musume until the end!

Suzuki Airi announces her first solo Budokan concert!

Suzuki Airi announced she will have her first solo Nippon Budokan concert! The concert will be on the 9th of July. Airi announced she will be preforming all her album songs. Congratulations to Airi!

News on Miyamoto Karin

It has been announced that Miyamoto Karin will miss more Hello!Pro concerts this week. She has been feeling unwell with pain in her neck and head.  After two check-ups the doctors think she might have Bell's Palsy, which is a temporary paralyzation of the face or areas of the face. Karin has been in the hospital for a week in order to recover faster. Sadly she is still not feeling well, so she won't be preforming. Let's hope she will recover fast and feel better soon!

News about Kudo Haruka!!

It was announced that Kudo Haruka will be in the Main Cast of the tv series Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger! Kudo will be playing Hayami Umika, Lupin Yellow! The series will start on the 11th of febuary. With this announcement Kudo also opened her own blog called Haru Camera. Great news for us Kudo fans!

Aikawa Maho graduated ANGERME and Hello!Project

It has sadly been announced that Aikawa Maho decided to graduate from ANGERME and Hello!Project. Maho has been in a haitus for 11 monthes due to anxiety disorder. She hoped to recover and rejoin ANGERME. Eventhough she has been doing better and returning to her university, Maho didn't recover enough to come back to ANGERME.  She says she is very scared her anxiety will return once she starts preforming again and doesn't want her fans to wait for nothing.  Goodbye Aikawa Maho, good luck with university!

Michishige Sayumi announced her second preformance series!

Michishige Sayumi announced she will have her second preformance series in march! After the succes of SAYUMINGLANDOLL~Sansei~, it was decided to hold a second serie called: SAYUMINGLANDOLL~Shukumei~ It will run from the 20th of march until the 25th of march and have 10 preformances at COTTON CLUB. Let's look forwards to more Sayumi!!