[Breaking] Wada Ayaka announces graduation

Hello!Project's and ANGERME's leader Wada Ayaka announced her graduation.
She will be graduating at the end of ANGERME's Spring tour of 2019.
Wada Ayaka is one of the longest serving Hello!Project members as the only 1st generation member of S/mileage/ANGERME and Hello!pro Egg's first generation still part of Hello!Project.
Ayaka says she has been thinking about it for about a year.
She will do her best for her last year as a member.

Eventhough Ayaka has been a member of Hello!Project for so long, this announcement is so suprising. Especially since she won't be graduating for over a year. 
One way or the other, I hope Ayaka gets to do what ever she wants with her life, as she has been giving is so much from hers.


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