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*Edit* 12th gen officially debuted with Morning Musume '15

Morning Musume '15 officially debuted at today's countdown live! There were several songs preformed including two songs with the 12th gen! 12th gen is now also officially on their website. Congratulations 12th gen on your debut!
Morning Musume '15's first preformance on CDTV!
(Kanon and Masaki had to sit this one out due to injuries).
Be prepared for a lot of Kudo Haruka!!

Country Girls first indies announced + profile pictures!

Country Girls announced their first indies single! For as far as we have information now, we know it will be released around the end of january. It's a double a-side and the name is:  Itooshikutte Gomen Ne/ Koi Dorobou The group will be working without Momoko until she graduates from Berryz Koubou. The girls also got their own Hello!Project site with profile pictures!
Tsugunaga Momoko Our favorite playing manager looks super cute and like a real sempai! I am incredible happy she is not wearing her Momochi tails, because she looks so mature and still cute!
Yamaki Risa Yamaki had her hair colored and she looks adorable! Very elegant and cute. 
Inaba Manaka  Manaka looks very sweet and cute. I love her bangs up, but I also love them down. She looks like a very cute and innocent girl!
Morito Chisaki For some reason Chisaki only has a full body version.. But she looks really cute and idol like!
Shimamura Uta Uta really suprised me! She looked so shy in the first video's and now she look…

New colors for ANGERME confirmed!

All new colors for the ANGERME members are confirmed! Wada Ayaka went from Blue to Red Fukuda Kanon went from Purple to Deep Pink Nakanishi Kana went from light Blue to light Pink Takeuchi Akari went from Red to Blue Katsuta Rina went from Yellow to Orange Tanemura Meimi went from Green to Purple (only background is purple.. couldn't find any pics of Meimi in purple). Murota Mizuki got Light blue/Teal Aikawa Maho got Green Sasaki Rikako got Yellow

Congratulations to all the girls for getting new colors and for the 3ki members for getting their first colors!

Wada Ayaka and Fukuda Kanon got new member colors!

The two oldest members of ANGERME announced on their new blogs that they got new member colors! They changed them because the whole group changed. Wada Ayaka went from Blue to Red Fukuda Kanon went from Purple to Deep Pink This probably means that the other members will be changing color two, but we don't really know which colors until they are confirmed by the members themselfs! We can not really trust the colors on the members blogs because: Ayaka still had blue and Kanon had a light pink/cherry blossom pink color on her blog! So let's look forwards to the other new colors!

ANGERME opened new blogs!

The members of ANGERME opened up new blogs! Not only did Wada, Fukuda and second gen get whole new blogs, 3rd gen also got their first blog! The blogs also show us some colors, which got fans speculating about new image colors for all members. This is not confirmed, so I don't know if it's true. You can click on the new headers below to check out their new blogs! There are no entry's yet, but they will probably start in 2015!

Announcement about Suzuki Kanon and Sato Masaki

Some pretty bad news from Hello!Project. Suzuki Kanon has wrenched her left ankle and won't be able to preform for 6 weeks. This mean she will be missing the Countdown live as the whole winter tour.  Sato Masaki has a possible sprain in her right knee and will only be singing during the countdown live. She will be dancing and singing during the winter tour, but under guidance of a docter.
I hope both girls will be alright and heal soon. Please take all the rest you need!

New Kenshuusei auditions announced

It was announced via De☆View that H!P Kenshuusei opened new auditions! There isn't much information about the auditions, not even an age restriction.  But we might get that soon. Please look forwards to new kenshuusei!

JunJun got married!

Ex- Morning Musume 8th generation member JunJun announced her marriage! Her boyfriend proposed to her on the 2nd of October this year and they registered their marriage on the 3rd of November! JunJun and her boyfriend had already been togheter since the 24th of september 2012!
Congratulations to Junjun and her husband! I hope they will have an amazing life togheter!

ANGERME now uses their name in Katakana and profile pictures

It isn't to long ago that S/mileage changed their name to ANGERME, but they already made another change! The name ANGERME will from now on be writen in Katakana instead of Romanji:
The new logo does look more sophisticated and elegant, although I will miss the tear in the A.  Furthermore ANGERME released another profile picture for their new single! These outfits are for their second A-side Otome no Gyukushuu: These outfits are more colorfull and casual than the other profile pictures. The white outfits might be for their other A-side Taiki Bansai: We will just have to wait a little more for some previews! Please support ANGERME!

ANGERME announced their first single!

ANGERME announced their first single already! The single will be released on the 4th of febuary and will be a double a-side: Taiki Bansei/ Otome no Gyakushuu The single will be released in 6 versions: 2 regular editions and 4 limited editions.  The single will be the 18th single for S/mileage, but because the group changed their name (and the first gen members' desire to start as a new group) this will be their debut single! It is also the debut single for the 3rd gen members Murota Mizuki, Aikawa Maho and Sasaki Rikako.  Please look forwards to it!

S/mileage will change their name to ANGERME

Today S/mileage preformed for the last time under the name S/mileage. They announced their new name during their last preformance.  The name is: ANGERME The name is made up from two french words: Ange (angel) + Larme (tear). It seems like Nakanishi Kana came with the name and the girls all agreed.  The "new" group also got profile pictures and a new logo! The logo has a tear in the A and a wing like and angel. Let's support S/mileage as ANGERME! Below are the new profile pictures!