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Pictures revealed from the 12th gen!

And here it is, the first pictures of the new Momusu members:
First of all let me introduce you to Ogata Haruna (left) and Nonaka Miki (right). Aren't they adorable? Haruna is a figure skater: Miki can speak english! And ofcourse our Kenshuusei girls! Or better: Former kenshuusei girls
Makino And Akane
More group pictures:

Sources: Hello!online

Morning Musume '14 revealed their 12th generation!

During today's concert the 12th generation of Morning Musume members was announced! The 12th generation consists of the following members: Ogata Haruna  Age: 15
From: Osaka
Nonaka Miki Age: 14 From: Shizuoka
Makino Maria H!P Kenshuusei Age: 13 From: Aichi 
Haga Akane H!P Kenshuusei Age: 12 From: Nagano
Congratulations on becoming members of Morning Musume!
These 4 girls won't debut withing Morning Musume until 2015, but they will train until then and participate in some events. I'll keep you updated on the two unknown girls Haruna and Miki!

Morning Musume '14's preview of Mikaeri Bijin

Because I was on a vacation I kinda missed this, but: Morning Musume '14 released a preview for Mikaeri Bijin

I really like the outfits, eventhough I don't think the colors match. And the setting and Sayumi! It's perfect. I really love how diffrent the sound is! I can't wait for more! Pre-ordering this single for sure!

S/mileage to undergo major changes

Really, everytime I go somewhere on a Holiday, something important is announced! This time it's S/mileage who announced some major changes.
During the last Hello!Station Wada Ayaka and Fukuda Kanon announced the following:
S/mileage will get a 3th generation of members which will be announced on the 4th of october. S/mileage will also get a new name, which will be choosen by fans.  Here is the video of the announcement.
In one way this news suprised me a lot, in another way: I knew this was coming for such a long time.  I will talk more about this on my personal blog, because it might get way to long.  But I'm happy. I think S/mileage will do great with more members and a new name might just be the start of something incredible. Who knows! 

Morning Musume '14 releases the covers for their new single!

Just an hour before I'm suppose to leave for Disneyland and Morning Musume releases it's covers!!! Let's have a small blog post about it! Above is a picture from the official Tiki Bun site. It features Michishige-san with all the generations. It's the new background for the count down to her graduation and it's so cute! Let's have a look at the covers! (I'm so exited for this)
Limited A Oh I like this one! Everyone looks really pretty and I kinda like all those colors! Super colorful. It kinda makes me think of Minecraft with all the diffrent blocks and the lettertype. I really like this one, eventhough it might not be perfect.
Limited B Ohh a solo cover! And what a cute one! I love how there are soapbubbles on this one (Shabondama was her first single after all!). I love Sayumi's outfit and her expression. The pink background is just perfect. It's very simple but it shows of sayumin so well!
Limited C Hold on a sec. OMG OMG OMG! How pretty is this co…

Michishige Sayumi made an announcement!

Michishige Sayumi made an announcement at the start of Morning Musume '14's Autumn tour: After her graduations, Michishige will retire from the entertainment world for a while. 
This is very suprising news, because I (and many others) thought that Sayumi would become a tv talent or something. I do understand that she wants to have some rest before beginning with something new. She has been an Idol for more than 10 years, so a bit of rest and some "normal" life things might be good for her. Still I hope that one day she will do something in the entertainment world again, because she totally fits the picture.

Possible tracklist for Morning Musume '14's album released!

It seems like the tracklist for Morning Musume '14's 14th album is released! Or at least some part of it! For now we have 12 songs (this might not be the album order) 1.Egao no Kimi wa Taiyo sa 2.Kimi no Kawari wa Iyashinai 3.What is LOVE? 4.Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe 5.Password is 0 6.TIKI BUN (Album ver.) 7.Watashi wa watashi nanda / All (new song) (I Am Who I Am) 8.Waraenai hanashi / All (new song) (Humorless Conversation) 9.Ashita wo tsukuru no wa kimi / All (new song) (You Create Tomorrow) 10.Koibito ni wa zettai ni shira retakunai Shinjitsu / Sayumi, Mizuki, Haruna (new song) (The Truth About Becoming Lovers I Definitely Don't Want to Know) 11.Otona ni nareba otona ni ni nareru!? / Ikuta, Kanon, Ayumi, Masaki, Kudo (new song) (If We Become Adults, Will We Be Adults!?) 12.Kirari to hikaru hoshi / Riho, Sakura (new song) (A Glittery, Shining Star) Thanks to Hello!Online, JPLOP and
I'm quite happy abot the amount of news son…

Girls Beat!! Announces auditions for a second generation!

Kago Ai's idolgroup Girls Beat!! announced that they opened auditions for a second generation! They are searching for new members in the age of 13-21. They can't be under contract with another agency and they need to live in Tokyo or be able to commute there. The auditions are called: Girls Beat!! no Member wo Tsuika Boshu Shimasu! The application deadline for the first round is November of 2014.
I'm quite exited about this group, so them holding auditions again is pretty great. I hope there will be a lot of girls auditioning (maybe old kenshuusei? Just hoping ;)). Anyway I can't wait to hear more of them!

Morning Musume '14 announced their 14th album!

More great news for Morning Musume fans! Morning Musume '14 announced their 14th album! It will be released on the 29th of October and the title is: 14 Shou ~the message~ Which means: Chapter 14 ~the message~ (14章 ~the message~)
It's amazing news that Morning Musume '14 will release an album before Sayumi leaves. It was expected, but still it's great! I can't wait for more information about this album! I'm hoping for small group songs (Kanon- Sakura, Masaki- Haruka, Eripon- Ayumin etc.) I do think a solo for Sayuki, Sakura or Riho is very likely and I kinda hope it will be there. I don't know what songs will be on there, but I think they will start from where the best album left. 
Update: The album will be release in three versions. One regular and two limited editions.  Limited A will contain: - The album, a DVD and a lottery ticket. Limited B will contain: - The album, a DVD, a booklet, a digipack and a lottery ticket. Regular will contain: - The album

Morning Musume '14 announced when they will announce the 12th gen!

During Today's event Morning Musume '14 announced the date they will announce the 12th generation! They will announce the new members on the: 30th of September in Nippon Budokan! This is really great news! We finally have a date for the announcement and it's only 16 days away!

Berryz Koubou announced their 36th single!

Berryz Koubou announced their 36th single at their Budokan concert! The single will be a double a-side and will release on the 12th of November. The title is: Towa no Uta/ Romance wo Katatte The single will be released in 6 versions: 2 regular and 4 limited editions!
Yeah for another Berryz Koubou single! Their last three singles were so amazing, I can't wait for the next one! It's ofcourse sad that this will be one of their last singles before their "haitus". 

Juice=Juice released the covers for their 5th single!

I know I'm a bit late with the news, BUT Juice=Juice released the covers for their new single "Senobi/ Date Janai yo Uchi no Jinsei wa". Let's have a look at them! Limited A First one is Limited A. It's very very teal/mint. The girls are all greenish, but it looks rather nice. It's really cool and fits Senobi. I love how everyone has a lot of space on the cove rand how bit Juice=Juice is. I think this is a very simple but great cover.
Limited B This is such a cute cover. I still don't like Tomo's and Karin's outfits, but I really adore how playfull this cover is. Karin's pose makes me think of something....  Maybe it's because I'm really busy with AKB48, but her pose really makes me think of Yuko. And Yuko's singles have Microphones a lot of the time so that helps too.
Anway I really like this cover. It's simple, but it shows of how playful, fresh and still cool Juice=Juice is. 
Limited C Urgh... Mm yes. This cover looks almost th…

Morning Musume's Golden Auditions are Completed!

Keep breathing everyone! Morning Musume just announced that their Golden Auditions are completed! Which means the 12th generation as been choosen! The auditions ended on the 24th of august, which means the new generation has been known for quite a few days!
Nobody knows when the new generation will make their stage debut, but people are betting for this saterday (the last day of the H!P summer tour) or the 20th of september (the opening day of Sayumi's graduation tour). Anyway the 12th generation won't official join Morning Musume until 2015. They will participate in some events and train until their official debut. 
Let's look forwards to some fresh faces!

Juice=Juice release the MV for Senobi!

Juice=Juice already released the MV for one of the a-sides of their new single!  The preview for this MV was already shown on Hello!Station, but the full version released today! Please have a look at it!

Urgh, I really adore this song and the MV. I think these colors and the coolness fits Juice=Juice perfectly.

More H!P Kenshuusei Leaving.

A very sad day in the History of H!P Kenshuusei. Today it was revealed that not one, but two members have left the project. This was revealed due to their profiles being deleted of the Kenshuusei website:
The two kenshuusei are: Oura Hirona Hirona had been missing for quite a while. She didn't participated in the Kenshuusei events nor in their tv program. Lots of fans speculated that she had left, but her profile had been up for weeks. Somewhere in July it was rumoured that Hirona opened a Twitter account and people started asking her to come back to the Kenshuusei. But as for today HiroHiro officially ended her training with the H!P Kenshuusei.
Tanaka Karen This is a big suprise for any Kenshuusei fan. There was no warning or anything that Tanaka Karen might leave H!P Kenshuusei. But her profile was taken of the H!P Kenshuusei site which can only mean that she ended her training. 
Other news In other news on the Kenshuusei: Yos…