ANGERME released the covers to their 23th single!

ANGERME will be releasing their 23th single on the 21st of June.
The single has three a-sides and is called:
Ai Sae Areba Nanni mo Iranai / Namida Iro no Ketsui / Majokko Megu-chan
This single will be without Aikawa Maho as she is on Haitus.
There will be 6 versions of this single: 3 regular, 2 limited and 1 special edition.

Regular A
I love the effect on this cover! The outfits are for Ai Sae and gosh do the girls look beautiful. I am still no big fan of Kamiko's hairstyle, but urgh I adore this cover. The red cloth looks like a flower and makes the cover super elegant. 

Regular B
Oh this is cute! I love the flowers and that they are holding their image colours! And look at the green in the middle! We all know that Namida Iro is a song for Aiai, so this makes it a little bit more bittersweet. The girls look wonderful and I love how simple this cover is!

Regular C
All the yes! Majokko's cover looks amazing! I love the soft pastel colors and the simplicity of the cover. All girls look SO beautiful! Look at Muro! Look at Take! Look at them all! Yes!

Limited A
So this might not be the best cover. Most girls look beautiful (Urgggghhh that Hair on kamiko....) I like the amount of red and I think the way the title is done, is really nice. But it's just a really boring cover really. 

Limited B
YAAAAAS! This cover is sooooo pretty! I love how they are holding hands, the effects are BEAUTIFUL and the reflection is so elegant. This is a wonderful cover.

Special Edition
The special edition actually only has full body pictures of the girls in all the single outfits. It is actually quite nice in it's simplicity. THe girls look good and I like how this shows the outfits. 

I actually only think Limited A is a bad cover. All the others are nice. I adore the use of colors and the dreamy look they all have. 


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