Update: New system for Hello!Project

A few days ago Hello!Project announced their new system!
This actually means the following:
3 country girls members are transferring to different groups
3 Kenshuusei are debutting.
We all had our predictions, but here are the actual results:
Danbara Ruru (Kenshuusei) & Yanagawa Nanami (Country Girls) are both added to Juice=Juice, making Juice=Juice a 7 member group. This is the first addition to Juice=Juice and the first line-up change since their major debut and the leaving of Otsuka Aina. 
Morito Chisaki (Country Girls) will join Morning Musume as their sole 14th generation members. She will be the first member to join Morning Musume after auditioning for the group and joining another group. 
Kawamura Ayano (Kenshuusei) and Funaki Musubu (Country Girls) will be joining ANGERME. They will be the first 2 member generation and will form their 5th generation.
Ichioka Reina will be leading her own group. The other members will be announced at a later date.

All transfers/adds are permanent. The members of Country Girls will also be in Country Girls, but their main activities will be with their new groups. Congratulations to all girls and let's keep supporting them!


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