13 Colorful Character Covers

Today the covers of the new Morning Musume album were released.
Some may think they are horrible, some may love them. 'Let's have a look
I can't really tell which one is the regular and which one is the limited, so let's just talk about left and right.
My favorite is Left, by far. I really like how all the girls have the same space on the cover and I like how they did the same close-up thing on everyone. In the middle we have the title in black and white (might be rainbowish, but it's to small to see. In the top row we have: Kanon (who looks really mature and super duper pretty), Reina, Mizuki (also very very mature), Sayumi and Erina (who looks like a doll<3). (So Green, Blue, Dark Pink, Light Pink and Lime.) And on the lower row we have, Masaki, Haruka (who looks more like Ayumi here, but she looks amazingly cute) Riho, Ayumi(<3) And Haruna (who rocks her honey color). (So Teal, Orange, Red, Navy and Honey). The outfits are talking the spotlight and I like the touch with the rings.
The right cover looks a bit cheap and easy made. Just they girls posing infront of a rainbowisch background, which makes me think of a background I hade like 10 years ago. I can't really see how they look, but The outfits stand out more in this one. I kinda find it weird that ayumi stands very low, if you compare her to the other girls. She just looks out of place. Kanon and Masaki kinda fall behind Haruka and Reina (who isn't in center...). Haruna really stands out. I think Erina looks best on this cover.
Overall: I love the left cover, right cover not so much. But I can't wait to see larger versions.


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