Morning Musume's 13 Colorful Character tracklist released

I was pretty happy to find out about the tracklist and some previews for the new Morning Musume album.
I really like the title of the album, because Momusu really has colorful characters.
Now that Haruna and Erina changed colors (Haruna got Honey and Erina got light green) Morning Musume is like a rainbow. There was also a preview of the outfits (two kinds). Let's have a look!
From left to right and what I think about them.
Kanon-chan looks pretty. Her dress is Green, but it looks more like sea green. I like her hair a lot.
Masaki has a very light blue. It's not really teal, but looks lovely. Still not a big fan of her short bob.
Reina's short hair looks really fresh, but styled like this also a bit awkward. Her blue is beautiful, she stands out because of her hair color.
Haruka grew so much. Orange looks amazing on her <3
Riho's hair like this makes me happy. She rocks red.
Ayumi is always beautiful. Her hair looks perfect and navy just fits her amazing.
Mizuki's hair looks really princess like. Her pink is also amazing.
Sayumi looks great, light pink is perfect for her and her curly hair is beaufitul.
Harunan's new color is prefect. Honey fits her and she looks incredible.
Eripon looks really really good. Green is a great color on her and her hair is perfect.
There were also pictures of white outfits, they are probably for the limited edition (or that's what I think)

The Tracklist.
1. One・Two・Three
What a great way to open the album. This song is still new and has an amazing sound.
2. What’s Up? Ai wa Dou na no yo~

We have a preview of this song. The song is really strong and amazingly powerful. I like the dance. First we have a part that reminds me of The peace. Sayumi, Reina, Riho, Mizuki and Ayumi have solos in the part we get to see. There is also rap in the song.I really really like this song and can't wait to hear more. The song is used for the 11th generation auditions as dance part.
3. Be Alive

Thois song also has a preview. It's a ballad like song. and The vocals sound amazing, but the music is sooooo wonderful. This song is alaso used for the the 11th generation auditions
4. Lalala no Bibibi (Michishige Sayumi)
This song will be a Sayumi solo. It's said to be funky and about Sayumi's current live. I'm kinda exited about this song, hoping it will be amazing.
5. Dokkaan Capriccio
This song only has a title for now. But the title sounds promissing.
6. The Matenrou Show
This song we know. It's a Reina/Riho lead. Nice song, but I don't think it's that special.
7. Zero Kara Hajimaru Seishun
Nothing about this song either. But it's sounds like a very happy song.
8. Renai Hunter
This song we know 2. It's the last single of Risa <3
9. Chikyuu ga Naiteiru
Another new song. Something about the earth crying?
10. Namida Itteki (Tanaka Reina)
Another Reina solo. Hope it will be a diffrent kind
11. Waratte! YOU (9th & 10th gen)
Quite a big group for a song. But can't wait to hear it. Hoping for Ayumi/Eripon/Harunan/Zukki solo lines
12. Pyoco Pyoco Ultra
This song is know. I love Pyoco Pyoco :P

I changed my lay-out!! Now it's colorful <3


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