S/mileage cut their hair (Or atleast Kanon, Kana and Rina)

Yesterday Tsunku came on stage (hello summer tour) and made an announcement about S/mileage
Fans were like: WHAT? New auditions? Graduations????
But he announced that a members cut their hair. Or At least Kanyon, Kanana and Rinapuu.
There are also photo's, which are really cute <3
I always loved Kanyon with short hair (I really really really love it) and when I saw my sweet Kana and Rina with short hair, I was really happy about it. I always had a feeling Kana would cut her hair, so nice to see she did. Ayaka didn't cut her hair, but about Meimi is no information yet. I think Meimei would look super cute with short hair. Akari already had short hair so Hihi.



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