New S/mileage tour, single and album announced

Busy day for S/mileage. It was just announced that the S/mileage fall tour will start the 23th of september, which is within a month. Very exited to hear this!!
But even better they announced that the 12th S/mileage single will be preformed and songs from their new album(release in 2013). This is really cool and exiting news, because s/mileage's last album (not the all single one) was release almost 2,5 years ago (I think)..
S/mileage is releasing singles pretty fast and solid (this year alone we had chotto mate kudasai, dot bikini and suki yo, junjou no hankouki) I hope it will be a good single.
Further more it was announced that several eggs would be participating in this tour (My speculations will be in a new post).
Let's all cheer for S/mileage and hope for a wonderful tour


  1. I'm looking forward to their new album. Their recent single has really impressed me and I'm more interested in this group.


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